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I’m currently not well but really not sure what’s going on. Blocked nose but no temperature so thought it was just a cold.Mon/Tues breathing was fast and shallow, some chest tightness but this went with ventolin. PF was 360 (best 460 but normal is more like 420; that was a one off at GP’s).

Weds went to work and was coughing constantly throughout the day - tight dry cough and some chest tightness but didn’t notice any particular difficulty breathing, apart from on the journey home when I was struggling with walking up stairs at the station. PF was between 330 and 360 - got a bit better with ventolin but then wore off fairly quickly.

This morning woke up with really sore chest, cough now chesty, PF was only 250 and was breathless first thing but now just sore chest but breathing seems ok apart from cough. PF now 300.

Don’t know whether it’s just the cold and cough or an asthma issue as well as I would have thought I’d be having more difficulty breathing and ventolin isn’t making a lot of difference (I know this is usually a warning sign but as I’m breathing ok apart from sore chest and cough it doesn’t seem like an asthma emergency to me).

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Hi - sorry to hear you’re not well at them moment 😔

My advice would be to make a GP appt and let them work out if it’s a cold, asthma or both. To me it sounds like an asthma flare due to cold, which a GP should be able to help. But of course if it suddenly deteriorates (can’t talk/walk/eat/sleep, PF<50% etc) then head to your nearest urgent care/a&e!

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon x

Hiya my nose is always nearly blocked turns out I have sinusitis,and have to use a nasal spray, best bet get in touch with your GP.

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