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Chest infection

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So for the past 10 days, my asthma’s been waking me up & a few times in the night & my peak flow all over the shot.

Went to drs just to nip anything in the bud before it got worse. To be informed that my chest is rattly with a bad chest infection and to top it of got a throat infection as well.

It surprised me as I never felt like I had a chest infection. No much more phlegm than usual, no huge increase of cough. Or no sore throat!

Since seeing the dr on Friday and got antibiotics. My chest is painful to breath & fed up of chest flaring up again!

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I now know when I have the beginnings of a chest infection. My upper chest feels constricted (no phlegm or cough - just tightening) and if I'm in the cold air my throat often get sore. Because of a bad flare up years ago, I now act quickly. If I don't, then within 24 hours I'll have a much bigger fight on my hands.

I immediately go into containment mode. I make sure my temperature is normal and not low (as it usually is when I start to get sick). I warm up the room so I'm breathing in warm air and keep warm.

Next I take some Olive leaf extract as I know that it helps my throat.

Following that I take some Vitamin A and Vitamin C as both help to build up my immune system and, if I can, I rest.

If it really seems to be coming on quickly and severely, I take some Tamiflu. I'm lucky because my doctor understands and I have Tamiflu on standby. I still need to go to the doctor if I require antibiotics. I know Tamiflu doesn't work for everyone but it works for me. I sometimes suffer some side effects so I don't take it unless I really feel that I need to.

Wishing you a quick recovery. Look after yourself!

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