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Gone downhill


On Thursday started with generic Aloflute instead of seretide and totally gone down hill since then. Last night was up between 2-4 am cough chest pain and tight sore chest ended up taking g 10 puffs blue. Today a bit better but chest still sore and cough, 4 puffs blue but could take more, thinking may have caught cold do feel like maybe got something which gone on chest but thinking of ringing gp tomorrow. I have previously been well controlled on seretide since last flare which was beg of June with the perfume. I did defrost the freezer yesterday which took a while! And also the fridge, plus I went to the hairdressers. Not good cos not been ill since June 😢

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I phoned gp today so said about above gp stated I had probably 'picked something up' and said to ask chemist to give seretide but to try aloflute again when re covered. I only went downhill when started taking aloflute Thurs eve.

I went to chemist to pick px up they said gp needs to write on seretide otherwise they will give me the aloflute. And the 'NHS is changing'. I already know this as a nurse tell me something I don't know but looks like money comes first before patients health now.

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