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asthma and health anxiety

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hi all, ill say sorry for the long post now lol

I am along time anxiety sufferer from 2008 and my asthma was dianosed around the same time as my breakdown. anyway for the last 5 years shortness of breath has been the bane of my life. With anxiety and asthma its hard to tell the difference with what one is causing it, my peakflow is always between 550 and 670 on average its 600, very rarley use my rescue inhaler but i always feel like i cant get that satisfying breath and my throat hurts.

just looking for some advice and input really

also has anyone tried the salt pipes?


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I think it would be good to keep s peak flow diary as well as an anxiety diary. With peak flows as high as you have I would doubt that the breathlessness your feeling is due to asthma. More likely the anxiety.

Whatever the cause its very unpleasant but they need different types of care.

Anxiety needs some grounding strategies and breathing techniques.

Why don’t you have a look into this and see what you can find - practice the techniques when you are not suffering breathlessness / anxiety then see if they help when you are.

Good luck to you

I have had SOB for 9 months and had anxiety but a good PF, both symptoms were not normal for my lifelong asthma, after a visit to a gastroenterologist it would appear I have laryngopherangeal reflux (LPR) (silent reflux).

The reflux can aggravate the vagus nerve which causes anxiety, there are many other symptoms, SOB is a common one.

Sounds like acid reflux.

Cut out tomatoes, onions, chocolate all drinks other than water and anything remotely acidic. Try eating just oatmeal for a few weeks.

You might try a fat free diet as that works if you have gallstones (same symptoms as reflux) but I think the anxiety is the most serious problem you have. Get that sorted as far as you can and you should feel better all round.

Anxiety and asthma is a common and really annoying combination. I definitely find that one sets the other off.

Recognising that that they can affect each other is a positive thing- also if you can establish a good calming breathing routine I've found that helps me.

I'm still learning to tell them apart, but I am slowly getting there. I find anxiety makes all my muscles tense and painful (the over breathing doesn't help) whereas with asthma it's more concentrated around my chest.

Good luck and don't put pressure on yourself. It'll take time for you to understand how the two things interact. The important thing is that you have coping mechanisms for both- inhalers/asthma review vs breathing techniques/distractions/counselling/calming apps

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