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Morning all

Question for you, does the mucus make us wheeze as well as restricted airways?

I find as I move about my wheeze sometimes clears maybe because my cough is more productive when I’m moving.

I have an appointment at doctors for a nebulisers, thing is sometimes they can’t hear a wheeze but I’m wheezy.

Are there different kinds of wheeze?

A week of steroids and antibiotics and still no change, I’m tired so tired and even more tired of moaning about it.

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It probably varies, but my mucus definitely causes a rattle in my throat and lungs- to me it sounds and feels different from inflamed airways- less tight if that makes sense. And after I cough up gunk (which can take a while!) the wheeze goes away.

The mucus obviously clogs up your airways, making it even harder to breathe when they are inflamed anyway, and coughing it up will help. However, I suggest you have a chat with the asthmaUK nurse, as you are having such a tough time now and need something positive.

I’m less crackly today, and cough is less. Still wheezy but am doing a little more.

Just takes so long doesn’t it.

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