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Asthma and antibiotics

Around three weeks ago I developed a nasty infection - coughing up all kinds, blocked nose etc. GP prescribed amoxicillin which was useless.

I attended Wythenshawe for my Mepo - I mentioned I had been unwell to the nurse who asked for a sputum sample which I provided.

I had to go back to GP was matters had gotten worse - my sinuses were also flaring up, high temp, headache. GP was concerned it was pneumonia - I was given Doxycycline - a weeks worth.

Wythenshawe got back in touch - my sample had "lots of bugs" (their words) - I was asked what GP had described - when I said it was doxycycline I was told that would be satisfactory.

Although I feel a bit better I am still coughing up sputum, have a runny nose and I feel feverish at night despite finishing my course. Maybe I need another course or maybe it is something more sinister - I have lost a bit of weight due to having little appetite.

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Same thing haooened to me last year i ended up on 3 diferent antibitoics 2 weeks of doxycycline and the cipro but had to stoo my thwophyline tablets due to that antibiotic took me 2 and hafl months for it to completely clear i am currently havin the same issues been on amoxycillan, erythromycin and now co-amoxiclav nearly finiahed yhem and still havent recovered good luck hooe you get some relief soon x


Sorry to hear you’re not well atm 😞

You probably need more antibiotics... mepo is an immunosuppressant, so bugs can have a field day when you catch a cold and you don’t get rid of them fast enough 😷 (ie getting the ‘right’ antibiotic at the onset of the illness).

Good luck and hope you feel better soon x


I would check in with your Up again as you may need another course and a possible chest x-ray.


GP NOT up ( sorry predictive text) 😁


Hi I have been through this many times in the past. Amoxy and doxy never worked well for me. If I ever get antibiotics now I always get clarithromycin 500mg I find it's the only thing that work well. I went through years of this and found out a change in my inhalers from seritide to symbicort helped tremendously as the main factor was my asthma was well controlled.

Good luck


ask your GP to give you a course of amoxaclave 625mg or augmentin


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