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I live in California, US The fires north brought smoke into San Jose which is at the very tip of the San francisco Bay. Got the asthma flare up, 2 weeks. Then I got a cold, that showed up on Thanksgiving. Week later - I have all the right medications I have a nebulizire the cold is easing but the asthma spams stay and are weird. Even with drugs and treatment. One hour almost breatheable the next positively tight. Called Health Management I belong to. I have been successful in managing this for a long time. Back and forward all night. One hour you breathe the next not so much. Has anyone ever had this? We don't have a US forum for this. Thanks for any help

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I almost retired to the Monterey Bay Area. If I had, I’d be in the Midwest living with my daughter and son in law until I got settled on my own, because all that smoke would be fatal for me.

Have you tried really good masks? Not those surgical style masks. Ace Hardware carries some goof ones.

Oh my! I feel for you. I lived in San Jose before the fires and before I had asthma. A lot of my friends who have asthma have had attacks. I do have moments every day when I can breathe and then I feel uncomfortable the next. I don’t know what triggers it. For you, it could be something still in the air or it takes awhile to feel the effects. Everyone I know there is staying indoors and getting the 95 mask at home depot or other hardware store. Hope it dies down so you can have relief soon!


What are you peak flow readings during these swings and does your reliever work as normal?

Note, I’m not a medical professional, but one or two of the following points maybe worthy of discussion with your Doc.

Taking Prednisolone steroid tabs. (Not the same as anabolic steroids used by body builders).

Making a temporary move to a stronger duel inhaler combining (a) LABA and (b) higher dose inhaled steroid?

Temporary inclusion of ‘short periods’ of use of an oxygen tank and mask (to try to add / extend periods of easier breathing).

Even increasing your regular Coffee Intake - as caffeine has a mild Theophylline-like effect. But if you’re already using Theophyline as a Drug via tablet, inhaler etc, check first about safety of consuming any caffeine drinks, including coffee. (Don't know what Green Coffee Beans are, or if safe to use, but green coffee beans seem to have more Theophyline-like substances than regular coffee - check safety on web first).

Again, to extend periods of easier breathing - and to try and gain better, relaxed breathing control - maybe try ‘twice-daily’ sessions of a meditative breathing technique. Method: In a low-lit room, somewhere you won’t be disturbed by others, switch off all distractions (including mobile phone). Get comfortably seated, sit-up straight (but not ridgid) with your back and neck well supported and your legs uncrossed (don’t sit crossed-leg, don’t sit on the floor and don’t lye down on a bed or couch to do this). Gently, eyes-closed (ideally wearing an eye mask) for a fifteen to thirty minute period - adopt a relaxed, calm but observering focus, then commence this process. Focus on - and silently count - each ‘combined’ in / out-Breath (note, count each ‘combined’ in / out breath as just 1 Breath, not 2). Don’t count ‘out loud’. Each time you reach a count of 20 or 30 (or any ‘re-start’ point number that seems to suit you best) recommence your counting from the beginning again (i.e. at ‘1’ again). Don’t try to alter / change your breathing pattern by direct mental intervention - just do the calm, silent, focussed, counting of breaths (adopting the role of an an ‘uninvolved spectator’). Within several minutes your breathing should automatically - without any need to exert mental control over it (and by just simply focusing, observing and counting) gradually become slower, more relaxed, and even. (Note, if you don’t get on with this method after a few separate attempts, you could try other calm meditation breathing / relaxing technique instead).

Hope things improve for you fast

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