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Active Cycle Breathing Techniques and posterial drainage


Hi all my son has been struggling with his asthma (2 admissions and 3 courses of pred over last 6 weeks) and although he is much better just now is still struggling with the mucus build up which seems to be the result of multiple flares for him.

He saw his consultant the week after his last admission who said he did need to try not to limit his breathing to shallow breathing as deeper breaths would help him cough and get rid of some of the mucus.

O hope this is gradually helping, O know he is getting rid of some in the mornings and sporadically throughout the day but not sure of he is getting rid of more than he is making if that makes sense?

We have his next consultant appointment on 7th Dec and one of the things I am thinking about asking is of seeing a physio may help to either teach him ACBT or me to do posterial drainage with him. Do many of you use these techniques and any thoughts?


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Yes definitely needs to be shown techniques , not sure if he can have mucodyne but that might help , try to limit dairy as it’s mucous forming

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