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‘’Common drugs lead to millions of cases of lung disease’’


‘’....Common drugs lead to millions of cases of lung disease

Many common drugs affect lung health negatively, and these problems are more common than specialists previously thought, concludes a new review....’’

Spoiler: Many (not all) of the drugs in question seem to be MABs - but no Asthma MABs (as far as I recognise)


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I do wish thatmore research was done on nutrition and how that can benefit our health then perhaps we would not need so many drugs. Thank you for article

Interesting. I read it. They said they tested 27 drugs, and they listed 27 different drugs as ones which could possibly harm you. Um. So looks not it's not a comprehensive list. They didn't test my 2 inhalers. The ones that people do take which are listed in this list, might want to look into it ask their GP or specialist about it. Or to ask to be changed onto a different inhaler if they can.

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