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Bonfire night and all that Jazz


I hope and pray that all of you have stayed well in this time of the bangs and crashed.

All well here as the night sky becomes luminated again. I love fireworks and especially sparklers.

I was caught out by following a car that exhaust left large plume of smoke acrid smoke. Thought it was fireworks at first. Holding my breath didn't work it went on too long. The car was followed by another car at a roundabout.

I started to cough and 4 puff's of ventolin when I pulled over put me right.

Don't think that that car will be passing it's Mot any time soon.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Glad bonfire night when well for you! I’m all clear too... watched them on the drive home from Norfolk to Essex so other than when passing through the early villages no smoke came my way and I got to watch the fireworks from the comfort of the passengers seat ☺️.

We managed to avoid smelly cars 😉 - glad the ventolin helped calm everything down for you tho. I spotted one on the journey up that defo won’t pass it’s MOT - clouds of smoke billowing out its exhaust... luckily on the other side of the dual carriageway so didn’t smell it for long! 😷

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