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So so sick and tired of feeling like this


After being hospitalised last January with flu and being taken to resus I have been I'll with steroids and antibiotics six times since then I have seen a respiratory specialist who put me on incruse 55,still taking corsair 200 twice daily along with salamo l as and when,but guess what? Yet another chest infection more steroids and antibiotics and I still can't breathe!!!test show I am taking the oxygen in but breathing out isn't right has anyone e!we heard of this?, Do not have a nebulizer but when I had the lungs test,I was given a nebulizer and that helped me for most of the day,is it worth me asking for one.I go back to the specialist on Wednesday morning,so fingers crossed.Sorry to moan like this but all I want is my life back to be able to get every day things done without feeling shattered all the time.

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I feel for you, wish I could wave the magic wand over all us asthmatics.

It can so change your life.

I hope you find the help you so need x

I really am no expert, and there are many others on here who are far more experienced. But struggling with breathing out is normal for asthma.

When our daughter was about six, she was seen by a specialist who immediately commented she was barrel chested. We had noticed she seemed a different shape to other children in that area. It was caused by hyperinflatation due to not being able to breathe out properly. Medications got on top of that and it disappeared.

EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi sorry to hear you’ve not been well

Asthma typically feels like you’re breathing through a straw... easy to breathe in but difficult to breathe out. If you’re UK based it’s probably not worth asking about a home neb yet, as most consultants don’t like home nebs and only ‘allow’ severe asthmatics to have them. They’ll say 10 puffs of ventolin does the same job 🙄

It may be worth asking about an asthma plan if you don’t have one yet, and asking for a PF meter so you can check PF at home and adjust your meds as required from your plan. If you already have these in place, you can ask about addition meds to help you gain control, and/or discuss getting emergency antibiotics if you find you’re constantly getting getting bacterial infections (won’t help with viral ones). Gain some consultants don’t like emergency antibiotic packs tho

Hope that helps and that you start to feel better soon. Good luck on Wednesday x

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