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Asthma recently getting slightly worst


Hi everyone, i moved from london to county durham up north in 2013 to be nearer to my family, thats when i was diagnosed with asthma, my trigger is the cold air, so just recently my asthma has got suddenly worst, got steroids to take for 5 days, antibiotics for a chest infection and my gp wants the nurse to do a asthma review to see about a stronger inhaler. This evening ive had problems with keeping my asthma under control, my problem is panicking. Anyone who has advice i would appreciate it. Thankyou.

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Panic really makes it worse! You need to find time to do whatever makes you calmer, be it reading, music , yoga or anything. Concentrate on slowing your breathing as much as you can. When you go outside you should have a good scarf to cover your nose and mouth.

I moved from London to the country and my asthma got worse, but it’s improved as I got used to the different air. Good luck!

Thankyou for the advice and the support chrissie. Will hopefully see the asthma nurse for a review tomorrow so will get some help from there.x

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