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dont know how this community feels about this subject, im in uk, and c, b, d , oil just been accepted as a medicine, now available, on the n,h,s. about asthmatic, have been since birth, 60 years ago now, spent many a night in an oxygen tent, in 2015 I got lung cancer, had 8x chemo and 32 fractions of radiotherapy. my oncologist advised illegal. c, b, d , oil ,back then, and gave me 6 months. I lost a lung in 2015, it collapsed around my tumour in the left lung, this has encased the tumour. so no chance of the tumour ever spreading, now I have check ups every 3 months and scans etc, I am classed as in re mission, I still take canibis oil every day, 2 drops under my tongue, I am told that im in 1% of patients to make it past 2 years, I dont know if the oil is a contributing factor, but I cant afford to stop taking it. wondering if any others on here have similar medical success, using canibis oil,

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I think it is interesting. For those of us suffering from chronic illness, any possibility of hope is good to have. I’d like to see more research on CBD oil and it’s effect on all illnesses.

I’d like to see some research too. Sometimes you’d try anything just to feel better !

There is plenty of research coming from Israel. I am using a CBD spray but the Israelis are developing a nebuliser.

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