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Social anxiety vs hosp alarm buzzer 😂

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

That awkward moment when your in a hospital bed, trying to kid yourself that you’re fine, but know that you can’t go to sleep (even if the pred would let you) because you’re slowly starting to cough and wheeze and in 30-60 mins you’ll have to psych yourself up to press the buzzer cause you’ll finally be bad enough for a neb 😅

Social anxiety is a b**** in these situations! I literally get butterflies just thinking about pressing it, and I’ll have a minor freak out when I eventually do! What if they tell me off? What if I’m not actually that bad? What if they think I’m just attention seeking?

Even tho I know they’ll be great, I still have to coax, persuade and cajole myself to do it 😂😅🙈

Does anyone else get this when in hospital?

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Yes I’m exactly the same! 😂 I hate to feel like I’m causing a fuss, even though I know that’s why the buzzer is there.

Half the time I’ll even be texting my mum about needing a neb and will get a stern talking to from her about pressing it 😂

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Js706

😂 what gets me is I’m in a bay where 1 used it a lot cause she’s on BiPAP for the first time and didn’t like it, and the other 2 have to use it to go to the loo, yet I worry about using it for medical reasons. 😂 2/3 weeks ago I had to use it cause I was having and allergic reaction to 🤷‍♀️ with hives, swollen lips etc, and I still didn’t want too - ended up ‘catching’ someone as they attended someone else - had to use it anyway 1 hr later as the antihistamine hadn’t worked and I needed something more - I still felt bad even with the doc and nurse both insisting I call if I need more 😅

This time the nurse did my obs (tho not sure why as it was 2AM!) and asked if I was ok - I said I was deciding if I needed vent or a neb cause PF was dropping - she just got me a neb cause if I was thinking it I probs needed it 😂. I was thinking more along the lines of not coughing the other patients awake but ok!

I even get the butterflies when I push it for another patient if they ask me to press it for them cause they’re struggling😅🙈

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Js706 in reply to EmmaF91

Oh no 😂 yeah once or twice I’ve been banned from walking to the toilet and I hate pressing it for the loo even more than for nebs! Not helpful when the long term pred gives me fluid retention and I sometimes have to pee a few times a night!! 😭

Glad they decided for you and fingers crossed home soon and you get your mepo!

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

Yeah I always get really worried that I can't ask for a neb till I definitely sound like I need it! Especially if I've been out on prn trying to get home. The nurses this time kept telling me to just have one! I was really worried the drs wouod think I hadn't tried hard enough to avoid.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Lysistrata

The nurse took it out of my hands - she came to do my obs (at 2AM 🤷‍♀️) and asked if I was ok - I explained the situation and I was working out what to do (neb vs vent) so she got me a neb cause if I was thinking it I probs needed it - I was thinking more about controlling my cough not to wake up the other patients bit hey 🙈😂 at home I probs would have just done 2 vent and ignored it til I dropped to 300 🤫🤐😳

Did the trick tho - 360 up to 530, then have managed to maintain at 500 so refused my 7 o’clock neb ☺️😇🎉🎉🎉

If I can keep off it and maintain in the 500s with minimal vent then I’ll be able to go home tomorrow!!! 💃🏻🕺🏻🤗

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to EmmaF91

Glad the nurse decided for you! With me it's less the bell than the asking for neb lol.

Crossed fingers for maintaining good PFs and home!

Haha, no! I START ringing the bell about 30 minutes BEFORE I might need assistance. That way there's an outside chance someone might have found time to actually respond! 😉 I did once have to use my mobile phone to ring the ward I was in to get my oxygen supply renewed after waiting AGES with no response! It did the trick 😂

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to frose


Nah if I feel like I need something ASAP I’ll take myself to the reception/nurses desk - I find going to them quicker than them coming to me (plus if I’m actively seeking them then I tend to be at a point to concern them) and there’s no button pushing anxiety 😅😂

In my case, I couldn't get out of bed so ...


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