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My Life Motto Song (Get back up again!)

EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Watching Trolls (love crappy films when in hospital cause I don’t have to think!) and I come across my new life - motto song. Perfectly sums up how I’m feeling at the moment, and how I’ve felt over the last few years, with all the ups and downs;

Hopefully it’s not just me that really relates to this song 😅

And yes it did make me cry, but that’s definitely the pred I’m on cause I’ve seen this film a few times! I’ve had to explain that I’m not actually upset to the nurses 😭😳🤪😅

‘Hey! I'm not giving up today, There's nothing getting in my way, And if you knock knock me over I will get back up again, oh, If something goes a little wrong, Well you can go ahead and bring it on, 'Cause if you knock knock me over, I will get back up again!’

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So sorry to hear you are unwell again. I understand the films bit. I ‘collect’ silly films for those periods. I have just seen a whole pile in the last 10 days or so, much very forgettable. My best ones this time were Like Water for Chocolate and Big Fish. I actually remember both of those.

EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Wheezycat

Thanks - I’m hoping this trip will boost me up for long enough to get my mepo next Monday - it’s only asthma, no illness so 🤞🏻

I struggle with the fact my hospital doesn’t have free WiFi and what they do offer is expensive, so I’m stuck with the same 5 films the entire time I’m in as that’s all my iPad will hold 😒. Really need to swap them out when I get home - have watched 4/5 of them about 6 times in the last few weeks so I’m very bored of them and can quote them backwards 😂, but the 5th is too ‘serious’ and I can’t focus on it at all (Its only how to train your dragon 😅)

I’ll defo look into big fish and like water for chocolate! X

Wheezycat in reply to EmmaF91

I am not as affected as you are, but I can absolutely relate to the lack of concentration bit! When I have my excarcerbations, my brain is mush. I am just recovering from a cold plus asthma, and yesterday I actually managed to read four pages from a book!!! Result! Like Water for Chocolate is slightly has magical realism in it. Training dragons? ..... not sure........too much........A friend of ours sent me a YouTube talk that he thought might be good while I was feeling ill, as he felt it was interesting and I assume easy listening. It is an hour and a half long. Even the idea of concentrating that long was too much. I won’t tell him though, it was such a kind thought.

EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Wheezycat

Oh brain mush is exactly right - my mum suggested I did some work whilst I was in, when I explained that I was crying at Trolls (a film aimed at 5yos!) she finally understood kind of how my brain is functioning atm 😂.

Weird films are great so long as they’re easy to follow! I tend to stick to films aimed at 10 and under (Disney is fab) or trashy comedy’s like pitch perfect or bad moms 😅

Yes people struggle to understand that asthma/hospital/asthma meds do not make a good combo for concentration! Then you feel bad cause you don’t watch/do what they suggest cause it’s too ‘hard’ 😅

Wheezycat in reply to EmmaF91

Neither film I mentioned is aimed for under fives. I was able to watch in bits (my focus doesn’t last long), with gaps for fiddling with other stuff, but that was me. I also did Bridget Jones Baby, a film called Wonder and some other stuff. Not sure I would have bothered normally. I also watched Brave, suggestion from our daughter. I am far from sure I grasped the plot, but it doesn’t really matter.

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to EmmaF91

Weirdly my ability to concentrate on films etc is one of the first to go! I don't even try to watch stuff in hosp, I read but it has to be reasonably easy going. I've tried to do work too soon and it really just doesn't happen. Atm my viewing at home is some random Aussie drama series about ballet students with nice short episodes (never done ballet, never want to but love reading/watching things about it).

I remember when I got swine flu I hilariously thought I could focus on the West Wing of all things! Err no - my poor housemate kept having to explain things. I think we gave up on TV for me and I ended up reading Enid Blyton.

EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Lysistrata

See I can’t do books in hospital - my eyes can’t read in straight lines 😂

But yes it has to be child-friendly, easy watching films for me to dip in and out of 😅

Gotta love an Enid Blyton - when my eyes don’t work, I switch to audiobooks of her stuff 😂

Js706 in reply to EmmaF91

Audiobooks are my saviour right now! 😂

Also the university WiFi covers the hospitals so I can rewatch things on Netflix! (Often Disney or similar 😜)

I’m not sure who sings this song but it’s been a bit of an anthem for me over the last few weeks. Like a mantra....the words are as follows “ When I get knocked down, I get up again, your never gonna keep me down “, not not even sure if correct words, but it’s got a good rock beat behind it and I kinda chant it when I’m down xxx

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