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Hello, just looking for some advice if anyone with severe asthma has ever applied for the mobility section of PIP and if you received it? and if you wrote about your worst attack or just about what it's like on a day to day basis?

I'm currently struggling walking more than around 50-75 metres without needing the aid of inhalers and struggling for breath so just wanted to see whether it was worth applying for for some support.

Thank you in advance :-)

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Hi Amber i got high rate mobility for my severe asthma. On most days I can't walk more than 30 yrs without stopping. Also struggle with stairs etc. Get advise from cab or someone. You have nothing to lose. Or join benefits and work website. Loads of info on there. Good luck

amberx in reply to Denae011

Thank you so much for replying! Yes it's really difficult, especially this time of year so if I can get some help then it'd be a tiny weight off my shoulders. I will, thank you.

Hi, I also get higher rate mobility. It was a bit of a fight at first, as I was awarded medium rate but challenged it and they agreed to higher rate. Benefits and work are a superb organization. Hope you are successful

Kath x

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