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Asthma Problem


Hi Guys Good afternoon

I am Abdul hai Bappy from UAE, I thought i am suffering by Asthma but till now didn't meet with any consultant for this problem actually i face this problem when i am long time in AC room or near Ac i feel Berthing Pressure in my Chest also not able to talk but when i get some hot water then i feel little better. one more thing i am smoker.

Please help if anyone same suffering like me with advice. Thanks.

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Hello Abdul, I've no idea what the healthcare system is like in the UAE is like but suggest you see a general practitioner (GP) if you can. They will be able to help you, I am sure. If you have asthma possibly the commonest treatment is a small blue inhaler called Ventolin, which helps to relieve breathlessness, but there are lots of other treatments too. I've no idea why air conditioning might aggravate your breathing, unless perhaps, the AC system needs overhauling and is circulating old dust. Good luck.

Number one, stop smoking. Try going onto an e-cigarette if you can't stand the thought of not smoking. My friend has done this and it has made a massive improvement in her breathing.

Number two, air conditioning can cause asthma problems. I used to live in America. While we didn't have a proper air conditioned house (just a small one that covered a couple rooms), we did have one in the car. I could only have it on for short bursts before I started getting wheezy. I would have to turn it off and stick with the vent until it got too warm and then put the air conditioning back on. Now I live in England, I don't have that problem because no one except the biggest stores have air conditioning.

Finally, good luck in finding a doctor to help you. I don't now how your system works, but try to find a doctor that can assess your lung function. Good luck and I hope you get answers.


It is possible you have asthma you need to see a docter, if you have asthma that is triggered by air con it is unlikely a cup of warm water would fix your breathing straight away.

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