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Seriously can my body just stop!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

If it’s not one thing it’s a-bloody-nother

In hospital because of asthma and infection. Get to ward and it seems ok tho can’t sleep cause of drugs and the fact my infection seems to have travelled to my sinuses too 🤧😣.

At 4.30am my body decide that nows the ideal time to swell up my lips, give me hives on arms, legs and belly, and threaten to give my lungs, tongue and the rest of my face problems too! To top it off I’ve lost my epipen 😬. My fexofenadine hasn’t works so now onto iv hydrocortisone and antihistamine. I have no idea what I’m reacting too either 😒

Body please learn to behave - I really don’t want my first anaphylaxis today! 😤😬😩😡

Rant over! Hopefully I’ll get to have some sleep tonight 🤞🏻😅

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I am so sorry you are having such a bad time. I have times like this. It's terrible when you can't workout what's causing the reaction. I truly hope everything calms down soon.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Update: can’t go home as there are no epipens anywhere in the hospital. None in pharmacy, a&e, immunology etc, nada. Because of the reaction last night/this morning my doctors don’t want me leave without one. Trust me to misplace the one item they don’t have in stock!

My parents are now ransacking my room to try and find it. My gut says it’s fallen out of my med bag somewhere in my room, however we have decorators in so I can’t even commit to that

Argh... my stupid brain!!! 😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬 To top it off my ‘emotional’ side has come out from the pred and all I want to do is cry (quite literally cried over Costa hot chocolate!) 😭😭😅

I just want to go home as I was promised at 10/11 this morning!

Think positive - they’re keeping me in for the 24hrs no nebs obs protocol, not because there is a nationwide shortage of ‘pens!

I'm so sorry to hear your having such harsh time, your body certainly isn't being nice to you.

trust me, I'm not as bad as you, but i definitely felt like my body was giving me a challenge and wasn't stopping. Last winter I had about 18 ambulances (that's what i remembered counting last) which for me mainly started in january (a few before then) and ended in june, and a load ended with hospitals. I spoke to my body every time, i said just stop will ya!

our bodies love to make use of our weaknesses/conditions to make our lives a pain, it makes it harder to stop it controlling your life. But we all do it somehow we all seem to manage it!

Well done to all who have horrible conditions and manage to still have a life outside hospitals!

you definitely deserve a break!

hope your ok! hope you get better soon.

Are you being looked after though by staff??

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Erin001

Thanks. I always avoid ambulances and hitch lifts or get the bus... yes I’m often told off my the docs and nurses who treat me but I find it quicker!

I’m ok just got a pred head that’s making me emotional. My mums just found my epipen in my hospital go bag which I told her to leave at home as I was coming home today 😳🙄

Yes staff have been lovely. They have also organised their companion hospital to send 2 new epipens over via taxi so I can go home! (Guess they ask for a few more so at least there are a few in the hospital somewhere!)

Looking forward to going home, getting to sleep in my own bed and breakdown with no one watching!

Thank you and hope you are well x

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Lizzie1956 in reply to EmmaF91

Pred head!! Love that saying!! Good luck and hope you’re out soon x

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to Lizzie1956

Pred head: the emotional instability caused by high dose steroids. Symptoms usually range from uncontrollable tears to unexplained anger. May also cause forgetfulness 😝 😂 (a phrase most medics/steroid users understand without explanation so you don’t have to explain why you’re crying over getting a hot chocolate 😅)

Yes got home Saturday evening thanks. Spent the last couple of days sleeping and coughing. Saw my GP today, and I now have my epipen on repeat, and a referral to both allergy clinic and my local asthma clinic. He still wasn’t that impressed with my PF (440/630) nor the fact I’m still waking 1-2x at night for my pump but chest was clear so I blamed it all on the infection (no hospital referral yay 🤗)

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Lizzie1956 in reply to EmmaF91

Glad to hear you’re out x

Sounds awful, hope you start to feel better soon x

Sending hug and good wishes. Well done to your mum for your epipen!

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