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brown inhalour (clenil) making asthma worse

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I have had been diagnosed with asthma for a number of years now and was originally put on the lowest dose. However, recently I noticed a real tightness in my chest and having breathless episodes, so I was put on a higher amount and it seemed to make it a million times worse, so I tried lowering the dose slowly and ended up completely off them and my breathing is so much easier. This is really strange considering how well they used to work when I was first given them, has anyone else had a similar thing?

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Not the same experience as you. When I found the clenil wasn't working - it had been effective for several years - I was put on a different inhaler (Currently Fostair) which works well.

Do you have seasonal asthma from pollens perhaps?

After a while I found Clenil ineffective so was changed by my G P to SIRDUPLA which is good Marilyn

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