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Asthma Characterised my constant Mucus?

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Just wondering how many (if any) Forum Members suffer from Asthma strongly characterised by a constant (long-term) daily ‘productive cough’ / throat clearing, giving rise to phlegm / Sputum, particularly during the first hour or two of the day. PLUS any tactics / meds you’ve adopted that have made a significant improvement.

Seems I don’t have COPD (phew), nor do my Tests reveal bronchietasis or Cancer (so, hopefully, none of those apply to me at this time).

Will certainly read all your comments but may not have time to reply to every respondent (so, thanks in advance if I don’t get round to thanking / replying to you in person).

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Hi Matman

Yes, I have a productive cough whenever my asthma is symptomatic. Had it all day every day since I was 13 when I first got diagnosed as exercise induced and just accepted it. I think I was 17/18 when I had an asthma nurse tell me it was a sign of my asthma not being fully controlled - it disappeared on symbicort... then my asthma spiral to severe and it came back (at 23) 🙄.

I’m now 26 and I’ve finally again hit the point that when I’ve not had a trigger, I don’t get it, nor if I’m only having mild symptoms. Unfortunately I’m on a lot of meds to reach this point (included low dose maintenance steroids, theophylline and mepo injections), however I did have a massive improvement when I found the right preventor (relvar this time). However as soon as my asthma flares it comes back...

So basically the thing I’ve found that works really is getting the right preventer. Also try to work out if you have any post nasal drip, as this can cause morning mucus (nasal spray works well for this). Hope that helps x

Coughing and phelgm production are two classic symptoms of uncontrolled asthma. Frequently phelgm leads to bronchitis which makes the asthma worst. A long long term preventer is maybe what you need at the moment, plus some exercise and home purifier. Avoid fumes or dus as something is clearly bothering your lung. Good luck.

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strongmouse in reply to mackro

Yes I have productive cough in the mornings especially. Mainly I think it is from rhinitis - plus have GORD (not helped at night time). I do use an air filter in the bedroom at night.

I tend to find that the cough is less during the day after taking inhaler plus steroid nasal spray unless I have an asthma attack. Mine tend to be brought on by pollution and air bourne allergy reactions or infection.

Nasal washes morning and night time help when pollen levels high. I tried a sudafed spray for a while but not good for my BP! If you have rhinitis that maybe your problem if cough is better during the day.

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Matman in reply to strongmouse

Thanks. My comments, to other respondents, concerning Bronchietasis may be worth reflecting on.

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strongmouse in reply to Matman

I'd not considered that but I have a GPs appointment soon and will discuss with her.

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Matman in reply to mackro

Thanks. I am concerned about the possibility of Bronchietasis, so will probably arrange a further CT Scan (a High Resolution one).

I have a constant, productive cough, but in my case, it's caused by a permutation of my asthma, ABPA & other damage I have to my airways.

If you haven't already done so, I would get a sputum sample checked as you need to find out what the problem is. It might 'just' be asthma but it could be a sign of a deeper problem (such as bronchiectasis, which is a common issue with long-term asthmatics.

There is a respiratory exercise that helps me a lot called pursed lip breathing- if you google it, there's quite a lot of YouTube links showing the technique. You sit upright, breathe in as deeply as you can through your nose (literally until you can't fit any more air in); hold for around 5 seconds, then purse your lips as if blowing out a candle. Breathe out very slowly, but keep going until your lungs are empty. You will eventually start to cough up the muck, and it's quite unpleasant, but it squeezes your airways & removes more mucus than just normal 'coughing it up'.

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Matman in reply to Minushabens

Thanks. Will get a further Sputum Test (maybe an advanced one, as standard ones have come back inconclusive).

It’s also been suggested that I consider having a further CT Scan, probably a high res one.

I suspect I may be starting to develop Bronchietasis, and need to reconsider my medication. Prophylactic Azithromycin may be on the cards if Bronchietasis is heading my way.

I have cough variant asthma and mine is characterised by lots of mucus being released especially after first puffer of the day. Clenil.

I don’t wheeze at all just cough. With lots of mucus that is clear.

It’s cerainly unpleasant. Hope we both crack the problem. Maybe, like me, your ought to investigate if Bronchietasis may be developing.

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