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This year's over 65 Flu Jab

I have a long history of eczema and asthma.

Having over 65 flu jab tomorrow.

Close friend and retired nurse has bad flu symptoms after jab this year. She has not reacted so badly in previous years.

Wondering if anyone else has felt ill after having it so I can be prepared!!

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Hi JanJan4

It's great you're getting the jab as getting vaccinated as early as possible means you’re less likely to catch flu this year and if you do, it’ll be milder and less likely to trigger an asthma attack.

Like all medicines and vaccinations, there are some potential side effects when you or your child have a flu vaccination. The good news is that side effects are usually mild and temporary - and not everyone will experience them. It takes between 10 and 14 days for your immune system to respond to the vaccine fully. There's a bit of information here: nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinati...

Hope that helps,



Thanks Dita

I was vaccinated last year, as over 65 and high risk.

A retired Podiatrist but no flu jab for 20 years!

Each Autumn it was mental Russian roulette to have it or not as, previous to this had bad reaction for two consecutive years. (nebs etc)

When had it last year, got flu and had hospital admission.

Going to have it tomorrow with some fear and trepidation! Side effects will be preferable to complications of full blown flu.

Now I'm retired think I'll get to the sun for British winters 😊 Best Wishes Jan


It will be interesting to hear how you get on JanJan. Being over 65 I have wondered about this new flu jab. My husband is signing up to have it done, but as I am allergic to eggs I don't usually have it done.


Hello strongmouse

Taking the plunge on Fri, with fear and trepidation! because it made my friend quite ill for several days.

Will let you know if any side effects

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Hi strongmouse

Had flu jab Fri. Its Sunday today and feel fine phewee.

Arm very slighty red and tender.

I took couple of paracetmol beforehand and Echinacea couple of days before.

Your husband should be fine. Jan x

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Unfortunately, it's still possible to get flu even with the jab because it only protects against 3 strains (there are at least 15). So it's entirely possible that your friend got one of the others, or the jab didn't have quite the desired effect (especially if you're over 65!). But i still think it's wise to have it, as the potential benefits far outweigh the risks.


Even if it is the wrong strain of flu I believe it still provides some protection ie you won't get it as badly as some. x


Hi hypercat54

Thanks for reply, I hope it does x

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That's what a nurse told me so I hope it's true as well. x


Two Types of Flu Jab, I believe. A ‘2 strain’ Jab for over 65’s with no significant history of Respiratory Disease AND a ‘3 Strain’ Jab for thise of any age who qualify due to their Respiratory Illness History. Make sure you ask about this to ensure you get the right Jab for your circumstances.


Thanks Matman, didn't know that.

Will certainly check that out.


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