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Nail Varnish remover

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I'm having a terrific Friday night! I decided to put nail varnish on my toes but must have selected gel instead of normal at boots put it on and not dried. Therefore got black nail varnish on cream sofa 🙃 then came to get it off and acetone set off my cough and seems to have swelled my airway a bit. Then it's a good time to find out you nearly run out of blue inhaler!! I am on sofa trying to remain calm with all the windows open!! What a thrilling life I do lead 😂

I can't seem to use anything beauty now it just sets my asthma off. No perfume, limited shampoo and conditioner, sanex, aveeno that's it!! I can give up on looking better!!

Does anyone else find this or is it just me?

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Hi I am sorry to hear about your experience with these products. I too suffer like you. But perhaps to a lesser extent. It might be worth your while going on the Allergy UK website or calling them to enquire if there are any products on the market re: NAIL varnish removal that are not so highly perfumed and people with allergies can use. Worth a try they do give advice on alot of household products that are Allergy friendly. Good luck..from a frustrated asthmatic

Yes I had a look on there. The one I used was acetone free but one whiff of it sets off asthma cough! I will have a look for some new remover as I do like nail varnish!

Hi, I'm the same: can only use very limited products: Aussie shampoo and conditioner/hair products, wash in QV wash, use dove roll on deodorant and on special occasions Bare Minerals make up. I can't wear perfume, nail varnish or aerosol deodrants: on the plus side it saves me a fortune! x

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Yes I know what you mean about saving money!!

I know, I t’s SO frustrating! I’m the same. I used Cleure stuff from USA for a couple of years when my asthma was really playing up....super expensive, with delivery, import tax and all....but it seemed to clear my system to a level where I was a bit less sensitive. Salicylates are my bugbear....ibuprofen, ventolin, and it’s also used as a fixative for perfumes in make up etc and household products.

I read a book on it, searched internet, esp sites in Australian/NZ. They’ve got lists of food that also affects me, due to salicylate content.

But the theory is that your body can only process so much if you’re sensitive to it, and when on overload, asthma triggers get more severe.

I have reduced from Cleure now, except for their mint-free toothpaste (mint is a strong salicylate, and very hard to find an alternative in the UK), deodorant and body wash/soap. I suppose things in daily use.

I have now returned to more regular make-up, but only Clarins works for me....expensive again, but used sparingly lasts and much better results.

No personal or household perfumes possible I’m afraid, on myself or anyone else.....miserable! But I’d rather breathe. Also the smell of print ink in newspapers and some magazines triggers my asthma....thank goodness for online news!!

At least you’re not alone! Penny xx

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I agree with the theory on body over load certainly. I have an allergy to a preservative called methyldibromoglutronatrile which is in lots of personal care products makeup shampoo consider and paint also wipes, handwashes cleaning items etc. I had to grow out all my blonde hair dye! It's in all sorts and no one really takes you seriously I feel sorry for people with nut allergy. I started with contact dermatitis but then the reactions kept getting more severe. I can't help but think this may be causing asthma. As gp states allergic asthma unless the consultant wants to say other wise. Seeing consultant Nov. I can't help thinking it might be in perfume as have been set off by this.

It is miserable tho it's really nice perfume and makes you feel good boo hoo!!

I use Crystal roll on deodorant, Kirk soap, white vinegar to clean , Clear and Free detergent. Everything comes unscented now if you look for it. I hate to see nail polish on anyone who's connected with food services or medical field because there's no way you can see how clean their nails are. I've had to leave restaurants because of the perfume and after shave servers and customers wear. I went to see Elton at a concert and had to leave because of all the perfumes and after shave chemicals floating in the air. when I made it to the lobby, there were many others going through the same thing. Thank God for ROKU, Netflix, Sling, Acorn, Britbox and PBS. I really miss eating out though.

I use all baby products seems to work for me and always put perfume on the back of my neck stops sneezing fits .

So many beauty products contain quite potent chemicals. I discovered that I was reacting to quite a few chemicals in them and when I started looking at what is actually in them I was shocked that they use many chemicals which require workers to wear masks in their production! Nowadays I have found various products which are less harmful to me and to the environment.

Hard as it may be I suggest ditching the nail polish - nails are beautiful without them - and look for products which are more people and environment friendly. "Simple" products are widely available and fragrance free (I used to adore Chanel No 5... courtesy of my widely travelled husband, but no more). Perfumes are BIG business and they really do not care about our health. Ditto many other cosmetic products.

Personally I use as few products as possible and all perfume free. Occassionally - about once a year - I use make up, but ensure it has no perfume; Maxfactor seems okay. Better than being ill. Beauty does not rely on an external product........

Hi I have always had gel polish (CND Shellac) until just recently when I discovered nail powder (Kiara Sky or SNS). This can be buffed off rather than soaking in acetone which should always be used in a sealed foil packet. It lasts for weeks and comes in various colours. I use Alterna hair products and Guinot face products which do not affect my asthma. You can get these at - and may seem expensive but well worth it. I am hyper allergic to tea tree oil as you are with acetone so try avoiding this too. Hope this helps x

Yes anything with strong smells, aromas, set me off coughing.

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