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Acid Reflux and further tests

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After having acid reflux off and on for a couple of years. This time after using all three of the usual medication from the doctor tried one after another for a good length of time. Dietary advice taken and acted on and also bed at an angle on blocks. Syston are sore throat, sickness and horase voice.

Now offered to be referred to ENT for a test to look down my throat to see what's going on. Obviously not keen on having this but if needs must then being sensible person that's will be the next step.

The nhs being it's best as usual and I am thankful to God for the great doctor I have seen about this. Lovely bedside manner even had time to have a general chat on my up and coming busy time with two daughters looking at universities.

All so blessed to have a friend who is a nurse who works in this clinic for testing so can ask questions before hand.

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Hope that the test will give helpful answers!

It's always advantageous to have tests done as it will reveal the problem you have with the acid reflux. I had it for a few years without realising it until my consultant told me that I had acid reflux. Medication for three months and a good diet has helped me immensely. Hope that's helpful. Good luck with your tests.

My GP said I had acid reflux but it turned out to be gallstones. Very painful, but low fat diet - until I had the gall bladder out - excellent weight loss programme!

Thank you for the comments. I have lost 1 1/2 stone since May and feel better for it. I feel better for not carrying around that weight and try to follow a good diet. I found diet plate the best diet I have ever done.

Usual food no noes aren't allowed on my Intertisal diet otherwise would be in pain from my bladder.

Hoping I haven't had to wait too long for the test. I am sure I will met more excellent nurses and a consultant or too. Will keep updated when I know more. :-)

I too used everything OTC for reflux and found what worked best for me was 'plain ol' baking soda' in water!

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Ddffpp in reply to andydandy

What are the ratios please?

Very wise to go for the test, presumably an endoscopy. Well done.

8 0z room temperature water to one teaspoon baking soda. Sip it slowly and wait for biigg belch. It really gets rid of stomach acid.

Sounds like Andrews we had when I was a kid. You had to drink that down in one go. Tasted horrible did it work? Can remember? !

I have acid reflux - GORD - diagnosed many years ago. Although the test isn't pleasant it is definitely worth having done. I need to take regular medication for it and when I stopped developed an ulcer and bleeding.

If not well controlled it can make my asthma worse. Before it was diagnosed I had tried all the usual recipes for stopping symptoms, but to no avail. I take Zantac on prescription twice daily on the highest dose (not available over the counter). There are various other medications available. If you have undiagnosed GORD it can cause complications if not treated. It isn't the same as an upset stomach.

Thank you for replying and what tests did you have.Having lots of courses of prenisolone early this year I am sure that didn't help my poor stomach. I am talking zantac prescribed but hasn't improve it. I take glavison as well after meals and at bedtime.

My asthma is absolutely fine and hasn't compromise my breathing at all.I am taking fostair next halter 250 2 puffs twice a day. I hope and pray this keeps me well this autumn/winter. Flu jab next week.

I received a letter yesterday for a referral from my GPs to make myself an appointment for an endoscopy.Phonedte appointment line and had a choice of two one was online ready to go. So chose that one and I have 18 days to wait. It's at one of the two private hospitals in my city. Going to be interesting as I am always interested in things even if they happen to me. Lastly the lady on the phone was lovely made me smile not the best day throbbing headache all day. Have a blessed weekend.

I have received my letter today with confirmation of my appointment for my gastro endoscopy on the 10th October. Mine is being done at the local private Nuffield hospital.

Still weighing up whether to have to have the throat spray only or the sedative.

I ask my husband to come with me for the appointment so I can have the sedative if nessary. I have to not eat for 6 hrs before but allow to slip water 2 hrs before.

I glad I will find out what is going on with my acid reflux and why it's so bad even on anti acid reflux medication.

I know that God will give me perfect peace now and in the next 2wks.

Hi elanaoali, firstly good luck with the appointment on the 10th October. I have had various tests over the years because my symptoms are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, hoarse voice and voice fatigue, exercise induced bronchospasm. Its very debilitating and leaves me feeling exhausted and very unwell when it is bad. I have been into A&E many times because my breathing was so bad ( I get a silent chest).

I too was seen at the Royal Brompton and was told I didn't have asthma.

The end of my bed is raised, I am on proton pump inhibitors to reduce the amount of acid my stomach produces. I'm also on asthma meds. I was diagnosed about 10 or more years ago with reflux cough disease, by Professor Alyn Maurice who is based in Hull, he is the leading respiratory specialist for this in the UK. I had a 24 hour double probe eosophigial ph test to see what exactly was going on as well as other tests which got to the bottom of the problem. If you Google Professor Alyn Maurice you will see papers he has written on the subject which explains the condition better than I can. I will briefly explain what happens with me because what happens with this diease isn't that well known about. (The Professor is trying to educate Doctors around the world about this disease). It's not heartburn and I had no idea what was causing my problems until I travelled miles to see him.

If the following information isn't allowed please let me know and I will remove it. The latest research has shown that gaseous mist rises up into the airway and it also irritates the vagus nerve which is connected to major organs down the left hand side of the body. This in turn causes bronchospasm causing asthma like symptoms. The vagus nerve is also connected to the vocal chords which causes the hoarse voice and voice fatigue.

I am not saying that this could be what you have, but maybe if you don't get any answers from your current Doctors maybe looking further afield might help.

thanks for the detail posted. I definitely do have asthma as it has been confirmed by my respiratory consultant after many test including lung function test.

In fact I have mistook my acid reflux for asthma attack a few times heartburn in the chest being the symptom. I was put right by the consultant who said its only an asthma attack when my peak flow drops below 350, shortness of breath and tight chest.

I have had acid reflux on and off for a few years. However after having a lot of steroids during March/April/May it really irritated my stomach. The consultant thought my reflux would be ok in 3-6 months and won't be a long term thing. It turns out it is at the moment. I done all the things to help it get better tried three different drugs and it hasn't gone away. Also have glavison after every meal and at bedtime. I have a sore throat, heartburn and feeling sick and hour after I eat. I have lost weight too. My voice is OK and has been hoarse.

My asthma is allergic (IGA blood test revealed allergic to house dust mite) hence the monkelaust and combination inhaler Fostair nexthaler 200/6 2 puffs twice a day.

I wait to have the test and then see what the consultant says.

Frankly I want to enjoy eating food again without feeling sick an hour later. So I wait and see patiently for the answer. I not keen on having this done but have to be sensible and do it. I going to have sedation as advised by two nurses who are and have worked in Endoscopy.

After phone consultation yesterday with one of my GPs asking if I can come off my medication rantidine as it wasn't helping. He said I could and to reduce from two to one for a few days then one to nonething. I am still going to take glavison if necessary. I was taking it after every meal and at night.

Now completely off rantidine and my acid reflux has stayed the same. Nausea 1 hr after eating, sore throat and heart burn. Glad to report my asthma is still well controlled still.

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