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Asthma is Getting Worse

Hi everyone

I have suffered with Asthma since I was very young (I am currently 21 years old). I have always carried a Ventolin inhaler which sometimes works (and sometimes really doesn't), but recently, my chest has become tight a lot of the time, I am short of breath quite a lot and I only really have to bend down for a while or walk up the stairs and I will be really out of breath and my chest will feel tight. The only way I can describe it, is that I can actually feel my lungs in my chest, they feel very heavy.

I often get a very dry, non-productive cough, but the chest tightness and shortness of breath are causing me the most inconvenience at the moment.

Should I go to the Doctors? Is this normal?



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No, it's not normal. The purpose of asthma therapy is to live without asthma symptoms and have normal lung function. It seems you need a preventer inhaler, so book an appointment with you GP.


Thank you for that. I'll book an appointment


You should definitely see your GP and also maybe see a specialist to fully check the changes in your asthma.


Yes, you must. You can ask for an emergency appointment as you are really struggling. Don't try to self diagnose or use Dr. Google. If you feel fobbed off, then insist on seeing a specialist.


Look up hyperventilating syndrome , I thought my astmas was getting worse but had specialist explain over time and when I had bad period at work I learnt to breathe incorrectly and from my chest not stomach. Yes chest hurts and I’m out of breathe for no reason. As it’s chest though always get it checked out.


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