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Partner’s asthma suddenly getting worse


Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience & can advise how I can support my boyfriend.

He’s had very well controlled asthma all his life but has recently gone through a stage of having regular severe asthma attacks & lack of control. His medicine has been increased but he’s still been struggling.

Can anyone else relate? If so what should we expect & how can I best be helpful to him? He’s very upset as a result,


Angela xx

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There could be any number of reasons for this. A starting point is to check if he has been exposed to a trigger that he hasn't been before (it might sound silly, but have you got any new pets recently, moved house, changed job, had work done on your house - decorating, roof/wall insulation, etc.?).

Other than that, he probably needs to speak to a medic to see if there has been any sort of deterioration in his lungs. As an illness, it can change, and asthmatics can also develop complications over time. His GP ought to be able to look into all that & see if either he needs a new medication regime or maybe a specialist referral.


I have always had mild asthma but the last 6 months been struggling, I found out 3 months ago my shortness of breath problems were not caused by asthma, this came to light because my medication didnt work as before and my peak flow was quite high even when I was struggling to breath.

Good luck


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Hi Simon, do you mind me asking what your shortness of breath was found to be caused by?

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I dont have a definitive answer, I have silent reflux (LPR) which i think is causing inflammation in the larynx or vocal chord dysfunction (VCD). LPR appears to be very common in asthmatics and VCD crops up more often in asthmatics.

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Thanks - that's interesting. My spirometry is 113% (have only had this done once) and peak flow is ok too, leading my consultant to actually query whether I had asthma! My reliever inhaler and oral steroids do however work to relieve my tightness (for a short while) so I'm sure it is asthma causing my problems...

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Another symptom is my breathing fluctuates a lot, during the day or week, sometime after eating it improves.

My reliever also gave me some relief but not the normal. if your peak flow is ok then you should consider it might not be asthma, it took me 3 months before I realised it wasnt asthma, after a lifetime of asthma its hard to imagine it could be anything else.

Hi Angela, sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I too had well-controlled/mild asthma up until May this year. Asthma can change/triggers can change and it's then a case of trying to find the right mix of medication - it can sometimes be trial and error for while. I have been referred by my GP to a specialist to help with this.

I'm sure you're already doing all this but just offer him comfort and sympathy, and help out with chores for him as much as you are able. Fingers crossed things improve for him soon!

Hi Angela, sorry to hear your boyfriend is not well. My asthma has too been stable for ages and has been triggered by the high pollen counts this summer causing an Asthma exacerbation 5 weeks ago which is not settling down despite steroids and high dose inhalers, I'm seeing the Respiratory Nurse Specialist tomorrow who will hopefully help me get my asthma control back. This has been a really eye opening experience to me about Asthma and my triggers. Take care x

Hi, after seeing a new asthma nurse specialist it was discovered due to the nurse using an incheck device my preventer inhaler was no longer working. It shows which inhaler is best for the way you inhale medication. My asthma has been severe a long time and required a lot of oral steroids and antibiotics. I would also encourage your boyfriend speaks to Asthma U.K. helpline nurses they are excellent. They are also available on WhatsApp and email. I’ve learnt more from them than anyone else always professional and friendly.


After checking for triggers and getting advice from his doctors, building his immune system up may be beneficial.

Try and supplement with pycnogenol from Pharma nord company. People with asthma have very good success with it. Have a look into it

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