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Getting back to a healthier life


I've had several hospital admissions this past year with my asthma and it is becoming increasingly hard to control despite being on what my asthma nurse describes as maximum therapy. I've noticed a significant weight gain of approximately two stone due to being unable to be active and of course this is increasing the asthma symptoms. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to break this cycle?

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Oh alannah I wish I could help! I virtually feel the same as you. X

It seems your asthma is not under controlled. Asthma is quite unique since one type of treatment work for some but not necessarily for others. I suggest you consult the chest physician.

Ask your GP if you can attend a pulmonary rehabilitation course. You have to be disciplined about what you eat so keep as busy as you can - read, phone friends and invite them round, do craft, anything to take your mind off how you feel and away from screens. Good luck!

What is a pulmonary rehab course?!

Your GP will know. It is usually run by the local hospital respiritory team, so you have all the medics you might need on hand. It's exercise - carefully monitored - and talks/discussion about lung problems. Your GP needs to refer you to them and there might be a bit of a wait, but I did one and it was a real help.

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