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Heads up for anyone using Alvesco / Ciclesonide as their ICS


Just to let everyone know, Astra Zeneca are having a manufacturing problem with this medicine at the moment. I had to scour the country to get two inhalers. I rang Astra Zeneca, and they said there was a problem with their "Manufacturing Process". But that there would be stocks available later this month. My pharmacy and GP also called, but got no more information than I did.

I am concerned as this drug ran out of Patents earlier this year. I am not sure what the demand is, as it is normally prescribed as either a tertiary ICS or Add on. As it is quite an expensive inhaler. However I don't know what I will do without it.

I suspect that they may be re-launching product in a combination inhaler, which currently does not exist, but they have been doing trials. Who knows?

Any way if you rely on this medicine, like I do, make sure you leave a lot of time to refill your prescription.


R x

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I use that inhaler so thanks for this information.


I'm on Alvesco too. I emailed AstraZeneca earlier today and they replied with this:

Regarding the supply of Alvesco 160, we are expecting supply to come into AstraZeneca of the 60 dose inhaler sometime this week and when we receive the medicine we will send it to our suppliers as fast as possible so pharmacies can order. With the 120 dose of the Alvesco 160 we are expecting supplies to come into AstraZeneca sometime next week.

Fingers crossed the pharmacies will be re-stocked in the next few weeks!

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