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Sheffield Severe Asthma Service

I am now under Sheffield Severe Asthma Service seeing Prof Sabroe and Ros. I am on a Pulmicort 400 one puff twice a day. And blue inhaler every hour when displaying breathlessness. It was great to see a doctor and nurse who believed I was asthmatic even though I have never wheezed. It is also nice to be able to have large amounts of inhaled blue instead of a nebuliser so much easier to transport. I am on a waiting list for a physiotherapist and a speech and language therapist. Am so greatful for a positive service!

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I am very glad to hear your appointment went well and sounds like you have a good treatment plan sorted. My GP has referred me to Professor Sabroe and that has made me feel better after reading your post.


I’m at Leicester , their whole approach to asthma in the specialist centres is relaxed and accepting .... there have been no judgements, and they are all keen to get to the bottom of the problem .... I can’t praise them enough.


I too am under the Sheffield Severe Asthma Service and see Prof Sabroe and Ros, who I believe is taking over from Clare. They're lovely there, they will look after you and get to the bottom of things.

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Thank you needed to read

that after the night I just had.


I do advise that you make sure you have plenty of time to find a parking space as the car parks are often full and you may have to park some distance away from where you need to be. It’s not too bad first thing, but one afternoon I drove around the car parks for 40minutes looking for a space!


Thank you for that however I am on public transport. Three buses to get there with a wheelchair but i can get there for 9am.


That sounds like a super stressful journey! As a wheelchair user do you qualify for hospital transport?


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