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Coughing up blood



I'm sorry this is long, just want to know if anyone knows what's going on with me so have included as much detail as poss!

I've posted earlier this year about reoccurring chest infections and tight chest which didn't respond that great to 4 different antibiotics, 2 courses of steroids and a stronger preventative inhaler. What seemed to help in the end was the weather warming up and me realising the chest tightness was worse due to my worrying about the chest infections! So I've been back to my normal self for a few months..

When we had our first bit of rain a couple of weeks ago I got the sniffles, yet again the chesty cough returned, although the mucus was not as bad as it usually is so it didn't bother me too much. For the bank holiday weekend I went away with my husband and toddler for our wedding anniversary to IOW and happened to get caught in heavy rain for about 45 minutes or so, but I was wearing a rain mac , cardigan, jeans and trainers so didn't actually get very wet but it was a bit cold. About 4 hours later I got an awful headache (which I put down to driving in the rain without my glasses on) by the time I got back to our hotel room it was a migrane, I couldn't open my eyes, could barely move and felt so sick, I just crawled into bed. Then the shivers started, and then the hot sweats and aching all over..this went on for most of the night, it just lessened when I took paracetamol. The next day I woke up exhausted and achey but otherwise fine. It felt like flu coming on the night before but then nothing. This was Sunday night. Every night since then the same thing has happened but without the migraine,. I feel fine in the day apart form I have a cough, a bit of phlegm but I'm getting more and more blood every time I cough up. That's a new one for me.

Anyone had anything similar? Flu symptoms only at night, coughing up blood, chesty cough. Is it a chest infection?


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Hi BP135

I had a quick chat with the nurse team at Asthma UK and they would advise you make an urgent same day GP appt as you mention you are coughing up blood.

Do give us a call on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) to chat through your symptoms and meds.

Hope that helps,


BP135 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, I'm going to give the GP a call and see if they can get me in. If not I'll call the asthma line. Thank you for you advice.

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