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Cold then Asthma??


Hi,, haven’t been on here for myself for ages, always find it so useful when needed.

So, I had a cold recently, and now over a week later, I’m coughing, a real chesty cough, constantly needing to blow my nose. I am following my asthma nurse advice and using fostair as usual, 2 puffs twice a day, and ventalin 2 puffs 4 times a day, amd my symptoms remain the same,

Would love to hear some veiws on this

Many thanks


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Not really following ... are you actually taking 8 puffs of Ventolin every single day? Is there any noticeable symptom improvement when you take the ?

Chrisbilly in reply to green881

Hi, sorry if it was a mumbled message,, feeling fed up and confused.

I have been taking 8 puffs of ventalin a day, folllowing nurses advice,, on reflection I’m not feeling any relief,, cough is like an old smokers and cold symptoms are increasing. I think I may make an appt to see doc and check this is asthma or an untreated infection, although I have no temperature and sleeping like a log.

Thank you for your question, it really made me think.

Hi there.

It sounds like you're having a rough time & it's part of the nature of asthma that sometimes shifting a bad infection, with the associated breathing troubles, can take time.

The obvious starting point probably should be looking at your peak flow - do you know what it is when you are well & how much has it changed? Your GP/nurse really should be looking at that & checking other things like your oxygen levels (the little clip they put on your finger), sputum samples (to see what the infection is) & probably run a spirometry test.

I don't know why they'd refuse to send you to a specialist (as mentioned in your other post) but at this stage, you probably have to go along with that. I would try to press for some of those easier tests though in order to get at least a clearer picture of what they think they are treating, & for you to ask if they think you are managing things correctly & why whatever they are doing isn't working.

Ultimately, if none of the treatments available to the GP are working, & you are complying with their diagnosis & medication regime, you might just have to keep pestering for a referral.

Hi it's possible you have a chest infection and one good way to check is if you are coughing up yellow or green gunk. If so then it's probably an infection and you need antibiotics and maybe steroids to clear it. See a doctor. x

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