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Sinus nebulisers

Has anyone used a sinus nebulizer for nasal polyps and sinusitis?

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Iv had chronic sinus for some time and the best thing iv used is sinus rinse which u buy in boots. It certainly has improved my condition significantly. Iv never used nebuliser. Hope that helps.

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I’ve never heard of a Sinus Nebuliser for Nasal Polyps and sinusitis. Is there such a thing?

I’ve declined the Op for Nasal Polyps as I’ve read a lot of comments about issues arising from the Op and that, in quite a lot of cases, Polyps frequently return in a relatively short space of time after the Op especially if the patient is Eosinophyllic.

I have almost no sense of smell due to Nasal Polyps, and the only thing that helps me is a Burst of Prednisolone, following which I get my sense of smell back for up to 3 Weeks. Trouble is, Prednisolone seems not to be recognised or approved for Nasal Polyp relief, so I only get the benefit if I need to take a Pred Burst due to an Asthma attack.

I am experimenting with low dose daily Pred for my Asthma, and am curious to see if I notice any improvement where my loss of smell sense is concerned.


Very similar story here- I've been declining the op for years , now have facial pain without nasal congestion almost every day, used to take sinutab/paracetamol but it doesn't help anymore. I was also offered aspirin desensitization prior to the polyps surgery ( was told that after that the polyps won't come back straight away )_but I declined that as well as will need to take !arge dose of aspirin daily after desensitization.

One of the consultants mentioned sinus nebulizer like NasoNeb a while ago so I am just wondering if anybody used it as nothing seems to help anymore apart from short bursts of prednisone, as you mentioned ,but I get lots of new side effects after each prednisone course.


Have not heard of NasoNeb. Will do some web searching to find out more. Ref the Sinus / Polyp Operation, have no idea how old you are, but it it’s also common knowledge among anesthetists that - as you pass middle age - operations (especially head ops) increase the risk of triggering the start of dementia. The Sinuses are, of course, very near the brain. Believe it’s a consequence of the anesthetic but I’m no medic, so don’t know for sure it’s that. Also the Post Op discomfort in the recovery phase for many after that op seems quite severe. Given that Polyps often reoccur (especially if causation is confirmed as being significantly Eosinophyllic) I view the op most definitely as a last resort treatment. Do you taper off the Pred Bursts slowly, as that can sometimes help avoid some immediate side effects? Have you tried Avamys Nasal Spray (Prescription Only), I’m on that one.


Hi I was reading various posts and yours caught my eye because you said you’ve lost your sense of smell. I lost my sense of smell quite suddenly last year, I’m not entirely sure what caused it, I had flu and maybe it was that. But my sense of smell hasn’t returned. I had a course of Pred last month (30mg daily) but it didn’t do anything for my sense of smell unfortunately. I hope your low dose of Pred brings some improvements for you.


Have you had an ENT Hospital referral to check for Nasal Polyps, Sinus Disease, Misshaped Septum (each of which can cause or contribute to loss of smell sense)? When I was referred I received both a head MRI and CT Scan which can often help identify what’s wrong. I’m also using an Avamys Nasal Spray (two shots per nostril each day). It maybe that the Pred works for me in combination with the Avamys that I use every day, but might not work if I was not on the Avamys too. (That’s just a vague possibility - it could just be down to the Pred in my case, we all vary). I only take the Pred Bursts about 4 times a year (40mg x 7 Days, then reducing by 5mg per day down to zero). Getting my sense of smell back a few times a year stops me going bonkers. Few people realise how life changing losing your sense of smell is, plus most folk lose their sense of taste as a consequence (or at least suffer much reduced sense of taste). Not being able to smell the smoke if a house fire starts, or tell if the milk has gone off by sniffing it, each have potential serious health consequences. Likewise, being unable to enjoy your food - and beer - because you can’t taste it (life changing stuff). I try to ensure I get an Asthma attack around Christmas that requires Pred.😉


Ive had a few CT scans but never had a MRI for sinus investigation - why did they need to do both CT and MRI?


Believe the MRI was in order to discount any tumours.


I haven’t had an ENT referral. I’ve had scans in the past but not for several years. It is disconcerting having no sense of smell. It’s upsetting to miss out on things because you just can’t smell it. But also I’ve done the thing of using disgusting milk because I didn’t smell it had gone bad, and I was frying chips a few weeks ago, got distracted doing something else and it wasn’t until I realised my eyes were watering that I remembered the chips and found the room was full of smoke. My sense of taste thankfully isn’t too badly affected though I do think it’s somewhat diminished, and often things taste odd to me. Keep on keeping on with the Pred at Christmas time 👍


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