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Hi, I attended an out of hours clinic last night and my chest was sounded, SATs checked etc and they said my chest didn't sound too bad and gave me pred and sent me home. The doctor told me to take my first dose last night, and then wait until lunchtime today to take my second. Usually they tell me to take my first dose that night and then wait u til the following morning to take my next so that doses are at least 24 hour apart. I'm also having some issues with my chest. It feels so tight and although i can talk/walk i'm getting easily breathless between sentences. I don't want to go back to the hospital because they won't do anything but my reliever isn't giving me any relief at all. Should i just sit it out and wait for the pred to kick in? Any advice? Please :)

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I was always told to take Pred as rly i the day as possible as it will prevent you from sleeping well.

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I know I have to take it early but I was told to take my first dose on Sunday night and my second on Monday midday. Usually I am told that I should take my first dose on the Sunday evening, and my second on Tuesday morning as they can’t be taken too close together

I think if your breathing is causing you that sort of level of concern, you really should seek some sort of medical advice, especially if you are getting badly out of breath or feel like it's getting worse.

Always better safe than sorry!

I hope you feel better soon :)

I have a nurses appointment tomorrow but my reliever inhaler isn’t giving me long lasting relief. I’m not struggling terribly. I’m more uncomfortable and my chest feels very heavy

My GP always says to me I should never wait for my next appointment if my breathing isn’t right. Just get help now if you need it now!

I’m worried that because I can talk alright and walk ok they’ll just send me home. I’m worse than I usually am but not as bad as I have been. Maybe I’ll just pop along to see how it goes. Thanks 😇

I definitely would. Alternatively ring the NHS number. They will probably make a judgement as to what’s your best option. Good luck.

That’s a good idea actually I never considered that!

I would say yes to give the pred chance to kick in because they work wonders. Only take pred as a last resort though due to the fact that it has a whole range of not so nice side effects of taken long term. If your breathing is no better after a couple of days or if it becomes worse on the meantime seek immediate medical care.

I'm with you Linz; wait until the preds kick in. Usually a couple of days for me too.

If your reliever isn’t helping it likely isn’t your asthma......... and if they listened to your chest then they’ll have heard if infection - unless consolidated, but then it would be quiet. Did you have a chest X-ray? Have they done an ecg? Could be cardiac related if breathless x I’d phone the gp and get seen explain honey x

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Could still be asthma - my reliever tends to stop helping or barely lasts any time when I have flares. I personally am also capable of having a chest infection with no obvious symptoms except an asthma flares ie only shows on x ray not in how it sounds.

Carriejen, I would say if no better with 2 or 3 pred doses then go back - or if it gets worse at any time then don't wait.

If you're feeling unsure you could also ask the AUK nurses for.some guidance.

Hi everyone, I went back to the GP yesterday as I wasn’t doing too well and she listened to my chest properly. It turns out I do have a chest infection that was missed by out of hours so now I’ve been given antibiotics alongside my steroids. Thank you for all you advice 😊

I agree with poemsgalore1, steroids can stop you sleeping so you shouldn't take them after 6pm. I have recently had the same problem as you it sounds. I ended up needing 2 weeks of prednisolone, 1 week of amoxicillin, which the second doctor said didn't work as should have been on Doxycycline so she gave me a week of that on the second week. Like you, I didn't feel I was getting much relief from my reliever but was taking it a few times a day incase it might be doing something. I put it down to the weather being so hot and humid. It's taken me about a month for things to improve. My sats were just below my normal and my heart rate was higher than normal but not high enough that the doctors were concerned. If your breathing gets worse or if you feel the steroids aren't working on their own then I'd definitely go back to see a doctor. In the meantime, if you're concerned then NHS24 can give you advice over the phone. Remember when your asthma isn't good to conserve your energy and even use things to distract you like music or reading. Sending caring and understanding thoughts, Cat.

Oh just saw your update, that's good you got antibiotics, what are you on? Cat.

Thank you for your reply. I only take he steroids in the evening as it’s usually what I’m advised to do on receiving them. Usually I take them in the morning. I’ve been given amoxicillin and am already feeling slightly better although I didn’t sleep too great last night. I’m also being referred for a chest X-ray as I’ve had a few infections this year (even though I know what’s been the cause of most of them). Thanks for your concern :)

Get well soon. Cat.

Prednisoline is I read, associated with deep lung problems like careful and don’t wait around people if you are concerned.

I had a friend die, left a husband in his late 50s and two teenagers, she woke at 5 am with asthma and he went downstairs to make her a cup of tea. She was dead when he went upstairs. So be sensible,

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