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Return of childhood asthma/GERD

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Hi I’m after some advice. Having had asthma since being 5/6 I got to age 13ish and stopped using any preventative medication just salbutamol on exercise/symptoms.

Stared with really bad GERD possibly to be treated by surgery. Gastro surgeon asked GP to do spirometery and reversibility before surgery.

Spirometery and peak flow are normal for my age and height before medication however improve after medication. Surgeon wouldn’t share values but will be speaking to GP on Monday.

Consultant adviced to stop the salbutamol as it maybe making GERD worse. Did as advised and went for a run yesterday managed less than a quarter of my normal distance before my chest was too tight to continue. Stupidly didn’t take my inhaler with me, walked home peak flow was down to 425 took my inhaler and retested an hour later 500 took my inhaler again last night and this morning peak flow is back to 520 (normal for me).

My expected value is 420 have got as low as 375 but 2 days later ended up being blue lighted to hospital with a chest infection and chest pain on a drip and oxygen.

Is anyone else in the same position don’t want to continue with inhalers if it’s making my GERD worse and I have out grown the asthma but on the other hand yesterday scared me!

6 Replies

Hi Poppie12,

I hate to say this, but it sounds to me as though you’ve never completely outgrown your asthma. I have a son who had bad asthma as a small child and is now so good that he doesn’t need to use any inhalers on a day to day basis (rarely even when exercising) but even so, if the conditions are right (or perhaps wrong) he will still have an asthma flare. As a result he still has inhalers, just in case he has a problem. He knows he’s still asthmatic, even though he’s mostly symptom free.

I think you need to go back to your GP and discuss what the consultant said, what you’ve done and what has happened as a result of this. Maybe looking at medication options for your breathing problems, because it sounds as though coming off the salbutamol hasn’t helped you.

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I never really thought I had and my GP was happy to leave it with salbutamol on exercise as he says he hates fit asthmatics as we can be symptom free for months then hit a wall.

Going to ring GP tomorrow but will no doubt be weeks before I get an appointment. Tempted to go back to my old plan until I discuss the consultants changes with GP. Missed a cycling trip today as didn’t want to end up ill.


I have never heard of salbutamol causing/worsening GERD. If you search Google there are no positive hits.

You dont say whether you are taking anything for the GERD, so either start or review your medicine for that and get it under control that way.


Hi. Actually gerd can give you asthma symptoms so if you not on medication for it you should maybe ask to be put on it? I'm in exactly same situation. Spirometry good with meds better. I'm on montelukast omeprazole ranitidine and cetirizine. My gp is referring me for reflux surgery as he agreed it is what is most likely causing my persistent cough and asthma symptoms.

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Hope your surgery goes well. Im back at gastro next week also got to go see cardiology as I get chest pains from the reflux and gastro won’t even consider surgery because of my family history unless cardiology rule out other causes.

Feel like it’s an uphill battle at the moment just to get gastro to consider surgery


Hi Poppie12

If you have asthma and GERD, your asthma symptoms may get worse as a result of stomach acid irritating your airways and causing inflammation. So it’s important to tell your GP or asthma nurse if you’re getting any GERD symptoms.

There's some information here about exercise as an asthma trigger and what steps to take. Are you on a regular preventer?

You can always give the Asthma UK nurse team on 0300 222 5800 or via WhatsApp chat 07378 606 728 (M-F, 9-5)

Hope that helps,



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