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New diagnosis cough variant / nocturnal asthma


New diagnosis cough variant / nocturnal


I had a cough all year .rhinitis & sinusitis ,created with antibiotics . Now been give a blue& brown inhalers to trial by gp . I have a terrible cough and CANnot sleep at night . I'm exhausted, I'm on 2 pillows etc . My chest & back aches from the cough . Any advice ? Breathing feels laboured. Sometimes rattling in chest .

I just can't go to work on no sleep , it's very frustrating and it's only been since Tuesday . Will it get better once the medicine ( brown inhaler) starts to take effect ? Some time I need the blue one every 1-2 hours . My wife in sleeping in a different room . Back to go in 2 weeks .


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I wouldn't wait 2 weeks. Insist on being seen earlier. You might need a course of steroids

Baloonyloon in reply to omahjoa

Going back today . Thanks

Got pred & pink inhaler

Back to the GP pronto. As someone with lifelong Asthma, can I recommend you go to see your GP on Monday? The blue inhaler is your reliever to relieve your symptoms within a few minutes, and you should not need more than 2 puffs 4 times a day. It is there to relieve the symptoms and give the brown preventer time to start working, which could be as much as a couple of weeks. What colour is your sputum? Make sure you drink plenty of water. When you can't stop coughing, try stretching both arms straight above your head and keep them there for a short while. It works, but I don't know why. Also think about breathing in through your nose and try, whilst you are coughing. Suck sugar free sweets (but not in bed coz you don't want to fall asleep and choke on them). Speak to your pharmacist about a painkiller for your aches and pains (I use Paracetamol). If your chest is feeling tight today, and you continue to need your blue (Ventolin/Salbutamol) inhaler every one to two hours or more, are breathless, then I recommend you go to the emergency GP, as you will need nebulising (same as Ventolin, just more of it) and may need a short course of oral steroids and a change of antibiotic. Note, I am not medically trained, so cannot advise, just tell you of my experiences.

Thanks off to go today . Sputim clear . antibiotics finished a week a go

.got pred & pink inhaler

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