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Colds and asthma flare up


Hi I have a cold(one of my main triggers) and was really hoping to avoid a flare up of my asthma.

I had a bad winter with two very long chest infections, countless steriods and antibiotics and the weather has been against all of us with chest complaints this summer.

I didn't used to react to normal colds i.e. those that started with a sore throa, mainly nasal, not with a cough but feel I may be more likely to after my illnesses in winter.

What do others do to avoid(if possible) a flare, one that requires pred for instance which I hate taking? Or is it just luck. I have upped my preventer, Symbicort 400/12, is there anything else I can do.

Thanks for the advice.

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Take decongestants as well. I find it really helps when a cold kicks in. keeps you dry and keeps the mucus off the chest/lungs.

I would agree with Riddickfan. Take plain Sudafed. It has always worked with me. I've just come down with a cold myself. I had a bad winter too, had the flu and ended up in hospital for a week. I have only been feeling myself again the past month or so. I am not looking forward to being ill again. I think it's dust. Now that the kids are off school, I've been cleaning, doing the jobs I couldn't get to before. It's either that or my daughter gave it to me. Not sure which! :-( Hope you feel better soon. x

I wear N95 masks during cold season or if I'm around anyone who seems to have a cold. As well, I will wear a mask when I visit medical buildings or in my doctor's office. This helps. I hate Prednisone but it works.

I find it very difficult to avoid flares when I've got a cold. I used to struggle on when I had one, but this became counterproductive as I ended up making myself really poorly. Now if I get ill I try to accept that I'll be out of action for a bit, and focus on taking it easy.

I'm also quite proactive about taking pred now - if I'm starting to wheeze with a cold I can be fairly sure it's not going to go away unless I start a course. I don't enjoy the side effects of pred but think I've been healthier overall since admitting that I do need it to get through colds etc.

Obviously everyone's different and I hope you do manage to find something that works for you.

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