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Asthma and Bed Wetting - Kid

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My son has asthma, he’s 9 and has been using inhalers since he was 6 and displayed early symptoms of asthma from even younger. He’s also a bed wetter and has never been reliably dry at night at all. He does have some days being better than others and it has improved over the years. I’m wondering if there is a link between asthma and bedwetting in children. Does anyone else have any experience in this?

Thanks in advance 😀

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My son is 10 and still has night accidents, but doesn't have asthma so can't advise if there's a link. He's a deep sleeper, and does have an overactive bladder. We're working on avoiding bladder irritants, ensuring he has healthy bowel habits and are trying to increase bladder capacity.

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swiftjo in reply to -Butterfly-

Thanks - how are you trying to increase his capacity and how did you discover he had a sensitive bladder.

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-Butterfly- in reply to swiftjo

We try to encourage him to drink plenty (made very difficult when he's at school) and wherever possible get him to hold on to his wee for as long as he can rather than going straight to the loo when he first get the feeling. If you go every time you first get the feeling it encourages it to be smaller in size.

He's under the specialist as he has daytime urgency as well as night time problems.

There may be a local continence service who may be able to help or offer advice. My first port of call was speaking to the school nurse. Ours were quite patronising but I jumped through the hoops to get the referral he needed.

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swiftjo in reply to -Butterfly-

Sounds like you’ve managed to get some good support for your son, well done as I know it’s not easy. Thanks for the ‘holding onto’ tip I’m going to use that and see if that helps.

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-Butterfly- in reply to swiftjo

Thanks, yeah it's taken a long time to get where we are!!

That and pre-bed tries for bowel movements (sorry, tmi 🙈) have certainly helped.

I'm not aware of any direct link as such (that's not to say there isn't) but asthma can & does put lots of pressure on your body, more so for children, so perhaps in his situation, there is a more indirect link?

It could be that his difficulty in breathing at a young age caused some problems sleeping, or made him anxious about sleeping perhaps? However, it might just as well be that the cause lies outside of asthma & so I'd be tempted to keep it as a 'might be'. I think the best advice is to try & follow the mainstream guidance unless/until you find something specific.

I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually.

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swiftjo in reply to Minushabens

Thank you

He needs 7-8 drinks per day no brown or purple drinks e.g. tea coffee fizzy drinks plus blackcurrant or vimto and also Ribena. You can get desmomelts synthetic form of desmopressin. Speak to your school nurse - from a school nurse 😂

Sorry those drinks make wee more diuretic. I don't think any link between asthma and bed wetting. It is more common In boys tho. Also have a look of any changes In life for him or any issues at school.

Oh and, if never been reliably dry he prob needs referring to continence team too.

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swiftjo in reply to Prestart55

Thanks for all your advice. I’m going to check back in with the GP and will try the bed alarm again just to see if that helps. I appreciate you replying and I hope things improve for you guys soon too 😀

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