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Coughing to the point of vomiting every morning


Hi, I am new to here, as I was just looking for advice for my sister, and ended up joining so I could respond to someone with a similar issue. My sister is 15 and has Asthma. She seems to be getting worse, and we do not get a great deal of support from our GP. One thing she hates is every morning, as soon as she gets up, she has a couple of massive coughing fits, which always lead to vomiting (quite violently). I even though she had whooping cough, as it sounds sooooo much like this, however, it has been going on for about 6 months now. The poor little angel is so brave. She prefers to cough over the sink, as she says the thought of coughing over the toilet is gross (well, it is). After she has been sick 2 to 3 times during an episode, things tend to calm down. She then tries breakfast, and usually has another episode after that, then she is fine until next morning (still coughing, but not often accompanied by being sick until the next morning. I am so scared that I will lose her to Asthma. We are very close, only being a year between us. Can anyone offer any advice, as all I can do is hold her during these episodes and try to tell her all will be well. Her name is Rebekkah, I am Sarah. Thank you xx

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Sounds like an asthma attack... there is a form of asthma called cough variant asthma the fact you say it's of a morning and I assume not much of a daytime?... Also suggest it could be asthma related

.. asthma is known to play up of a lot I g or of a night so I would be going back to the gp and not taking no for an answer

I know how you feel it is very worrying to hear someone you love suffering like this. My wife was diagnosed as having asthma as a child, used to get thrown out of class rooms because of her coughing. (she is now 62) & we have only just found out she has CVA (cough variant asthma) She has tried everything the GP could give her & was sent to see a specialist who put her on Relver Eliptor, this worked well for a few months, but the coughing & being sick every morning returned. She is now awaiting an appointment at the Royal Brompton Hospital to see what they can do. Your sister is probably just like my wife & just thinks it's part of everyday life for them. In fact when my wife doesn't cough & isn't being sick in the mornings I think something is wrong! Keep pressurising your GP & don't just except it as part of every day life! has she tried nose drops or Olbas oils ? part of the problem could be a post nasal drip over night leaving muck in her throat & lungs. My wife finds these help a bit, but the best relief is when we go on holiday & move away from the M25.

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