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New here - Best natural treatment I've found yet


Hey... I've only been on a reliever over the years after volunteering 10 years on the fire department (so much for wrecking my lungs to help others). I've learned of the Buteyko Method to help Asthma and even reverse it. I've been working on this (you can find a ton on Youtube and there's an app too!) for about 5 months and have cut my inhaler use down to about once a day! The first day I started on this method, I onlyl had to use my inhaler 2x (down from about 6x a day!)

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It’s worked for me too - shame NHS don’t try it. I can’t get my asthma nurse to agree to reduce the meds on her recommended asthma plan. She said she would if I was stable for 3 months - which I have been. Her response was you are only stable because of your inhalers. I am waiting another 3 months and then if I am still stable (due to Buketyo -plus I make sure I at least walk about 1 mile most days) I will tell her that I haven’t been using any meds at all for 6 months. Fingers crossed things continue as they are and then may be she will agree that there are alternatives that could mean less medication or may be none at all.

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

The NHS does offer it - NICE have approved it as the only alternative treatment for asthma and I have done it with a respiratory physio who was trained in teaching Buteyko. Have to say it didn't help me that much but it can be very helpful to some people and as you say can reduce medication. There might be difficulties accessing it in some places especially if the GP etc isn't aware. I had it through respiratory clinic.

Morrisnlm, I suspect they won't be keen on the idea of no medication as it is not a cure for asthma and there may still be times yu need medication even if much better.

Morrisnlm in reply to Lysistrata

definitely agree asthma nurse not keen on no medication - may be I am being cynical but she was almost disappointed when I told her I had cut down my meds & my PF is still good. I watched a documentary on Buteyko method about 10 years ago and 1 patient came off meds completely, the 1 other cut down and the 3rd no difference.

My concern with any medication is the side effects such as constant sore throat (even with spacer and rinsing with water) and rise in blood pressure.

More research needs to go into breathing techniques as it could be the solution that many asthmatics are looking for - plus could save NHS a fortune.

Recent BBC programme on diabetes proves there are other ways of approaching chronic conditions.

Anyway -thanks for tip that Buteyko is available will mention it to my asthma nurse - she did reluctantly agree to recommend I had an allergy test may be she will agree to officially include Buteyko method in my asthma plan

Think I'll try this. Hate taking inhalors. So many side effects.

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