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breathing test to see how I manage without my asthma meds


I have quite bad asthma which is being treated by a hospital consultant following flu I had last year which caused a serious asthma exacerbation, and had a breathing test today (I think it was a spirometry) as my consultant wants to see how I manage without my inhalers (not very well). My consultant told me my asthma was severe but needed more investigation to rule everyhing else out. The clinician told me at the beginning of the test that I would have the test, then she would give me some salbutamol and then do it again. However, at the end of the test she told me I can take all of my inhalers and then said I could go - she didn’t go ahead with the salbutamol and the second test and now I’m worried as she didn’t say why. I did struggle with it a bit, as I can’t really manage without my inhalers but managed to do it the three times as required and she got three similar readings. I’m just wondering why she wouldn’t go ahead with the reversibility test. I take monteleukast, duoresp, spiriva and salbutamol, also fexofenafine antihistime. Does this mean its not asthma I have? I’m really worried

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Hi josih, I think it is best to raise these questions with your resp team nurse or consultant if possible, as only they would know what breathing tests were necessary for you to undertake in order for them to assess your lungs and rule out or identify any other contributing factors to your breathing problems.


Hi josih

It also might be helpful to speak to one of the Asthma UK Specialist nurses about it. You can talk through the whole process and the tests and they can help with advice and support. they can be reached on 0300 222 5800 or via WhatsApp chat on 07378 606 728 (M-F, 9-5).

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fexofenafine is an antihistine as I take it for bee stings

fexofenafine is an antihistine as I take it for bee stings

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