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Hi guys been a while I know been so busy with appointments etc hope everyone doing ok in this hot weather take care

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Thankfully now that the grass pollen seems to have eased off I am struggling less and was able to step down my medication.

How are doing Tracey? Have you found the appointments helpful?

Hi I’m not to bad thank you been chesty but been able to cope appointments not lot help they been through my medication at the Brompton and say there’s nothing thing else out there to give me to help and not going to keep pumping me hydrocortisone as not fair on me as it doesn’t help anymore got to stay on 40mg prednisone and just keep eye on me through the summer and help me through the winter again but not lot else they can do if need to go in local on emergency then just carry on and let them know still seeing the asthma nurse at local every month as well so all good

Glad to hear ur not struggling so much this heat doesn’t help me there’s no air bout x

Nice to have you back on the forum, I’ve been wondering how you got at your various appointments and if you’re ok.

Take care of yourself

Hi I am just recovering from an asthma excerbation.

How are you feeling now then? Has it settled down any?

My peak flow is improving.

Lovely to hear from you. How are you doing? xxxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Karjade

Not to bad thank u x

Karjade in reply to Tracey1972

I am pleased you are doing well xxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Karjade

Thanks hope u doing ok

Good to hear from you , doing well?

Hi Tracy. I've been very lucky with this weather until Saturday. Had a asthma attack Saturday. So trying not to trigger another one. How are you?

Oh no sorry to hear u not well and suffering I’m not to bad but chesty but I’m coping on 40mg steroids docs have just rung me want a blood test done and next Monday having operation on thumb so all good this heat staying till October now they saying it really needs to cool down x

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