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Severe Asthma..any ideas?


Hi everyone..

I wonder if anyone can advise?

I have had severe brittle asthma all my life..

I have had very severe attacks and poorly times through the years..And had all the meds and hospital stays..

My question is..I am struggling more than usual at the sleep..feeling extremely breathless, tight and wheezy in the base of my lungs..nothing seems to help..I even have home oxygen to drive nebulizers when necessary..and I am currently on 50 mg of prednisolone and many other asthma meds..

my peak flow is ok..(for me) oxygen sats are ok..(for me)..But still I am extremely breathless..very tight chested and very finding it hard to cope..

I am in contact with my chest person who is lovely..but I feel so very alone and really do not want to go back into hospital..

Any ideas on coping..would be so gratefully received..

best wishes to everyone..

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I know I am no were as I'll as you but I do love my salt lamp far more gentle than my air purifier just thought gentle hugs

Thankyou for your kind reply, what a lovely idea, I may invest in a salt lamp..I have heard many good things about them..Helen

It's very scary when your asthma gets worse. Yours sounds worse than mine and I'm struggling. People seem to think it's the weather as I never usually have problems at this time of year. I like the suggestion of a salt lamp, I'd been considering getting an air purifier too. I hope you find something to help. Don't suffer in silence though. I was worried I'd end up in hospital as think I'd get worse there as hotter plus chance of picking up another infection. Speak to your chest person and GP again about coping strategies. A lot of people recommend relaxation methods and distraction techniques but that's not for everyone. I hope you find something to help soon.


Hi Helen0909

Sorry to hear you're having a bad time. Do speak to one of the Asthma UK specialist nurses on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) or via WhatsApp chat on 07378 606 728 for advice and support, is something triggering you this summer more than usual?

Take care,


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