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Starting mometasone


I've been given a mometasone nasal spray to try and help with congestion, just wondered how soon I would notice it working, and does it start by making you more snotty? I had been congested but this was dry, and had post nasal drip. Now my nose seems more runny and the gunk that's going down my throat is of epic proportions! I'm guessing this means it's working and it's just everything draining?

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I've been using Mometasone for just over a decade and it works well for me. I'm afraid I can't answer your question, given the time that's elapsed, but it is better than my previous nasal spray. I can't remember what it was, but the containing part was a brown bottle and I'd used it for 15 years.

Glad it works well for you, fingers crossed once I've got over the initial part, it works well for me too. My nose is definitely getting clearer.

Do you use yours throughout the year? The GP said I can use it throughout the year if I need it, or just during the summer if that's all I needed.

Yes, I have perennial rhinitis so I use it year round.

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