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Varied Asthma care


I don't usually join forums as they can become so whiny and full of pity parties, but not finding that on here.

What I am staggered at though is the poor standards of care across the country - no wonder in the UK we have such a high mortality rate!

I can only say, that where I am in the West Country (Plymouth area) I am privileged to have the highest level of care from every single member of the team in the respiratory unit. I always see my consultant, I really feel he listens and understands me and I have Instant Access to go to the unit for advice and help if I'm feeling unwell with my Asthma.

No one likes being admitted do they, lets be honest, but when you are greeted on the ward like an old friend, somehow it never seems so awful.

But I so wish that many of you whose posts I have read but not always replied to could have the high standard of care I receive, and I can only say to you, please keep pushing to get the care you should receive.

Liz x

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Oh wow!! Tempted to move to Plymouth lol. Anything to avoid A and E hehe - like you say it's never fun being admitted, but that sounds like it would take so much of the stress out with direct admission and them knowing you well. I never know if it's going to be good, bad or horrible when I go and any time it can turn from good to bad or horrible.

I agree that the stories I see on here also make me think well no wonder we have such bad mortality rates. Not that I want to find out but a little curious about what it's like in eg Australia or NZ where I'm told the medical staffing level is better and much more time is provided for dr/nurse continuing education. Perhaps that would make them better at handling asthma?

I am so happy to hear you have had such good care. I am in Scotland, and I have to say that I have received amazing care the last few years. I have had several ICU admissions, but now on the Mepolizumab - and I have to say....... all the medical and nursing staff I have met really have been amazing x x. I hope you have less admissions soon honey x

That’s good to hear - good luck with YOUR injections too! I’m just 2 months in on Xolair.


New us informed of how you’re getting on with it. I definitely feel benefit from the antibodies, but I have a stinker of a headache which is a bummer x

Strangely enough I’ve had a pretty constant headache! I didn’t put it down to the injections though????

It’s common with the mepolizumab, but I’m unsure with the onelizumab you’re on. Can quickly check the BNF and let you know! May be worth a mention to your Resp team x

I will mention it. X

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Headache is down as one of the “common” side effects in the bnf, but with the weather like it is it’s always so hard to tell what the cause is!

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Sorry for being behind on this post but I have only just seen it!

I am interested Lizzie to hear you talk about the Plymouth Resp team... I guess that would be Derriford? Only I live in the South West too and have an appt there next week for my asthma... I am a bit worried as I seem to have been passed around quite a lot in the previous few years so am hoping for a bit of help and continuity from them tbh!!

Any tips would be appreciated!!




Yes, it is Derriford. No tips at all really, they’re just a great team of people who really care about their patients. I’m there again next Wednesday morning.

Good luck



Thanks for your reply - I am sorry to be nosey!! But was interested as you mentioned Plymouth...

Fingers x they will help me...😊

Good luck too for Wednesday...🍀

I’ve sent you a private message x



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