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2nd Xolair Injections


Well I'm now on month 2 of the Xolair injections and I have to say, so far so blooming good! No Ventolin used now for almost a month, and on 2 x 2 puffs of Foster daily, as well as Montekulast. I've been off oral steroids now for a month and the Citalapran really seems to have kicked in too, so I don't feel a fraction as miserable and anxious as I did. A quick chat with my consultant and he was delighted that I felt so much better and able to do more., i.e: 17000 steps and regularly 12 - 14000, can walk up and down 3 flights of stairs (albeit slowly) so it looks as though I shall be on the objections for a few months before he reviews properly. But the winter is my worst time, so trying not to get too excited.

I've managed a 2 hr shift at work (I'm in hospitality, but it's my own business) last week and it was very tough! So I'm still, after 6 months of hell and 3 long hospital admissions taking things really, really easy.

The hot weather is so good for me, I could easily live in this sort of climate and am really considering that as a future option. Most of the carpets are up and replaced with Oak flooring, all that is helping with less dust and easier to keep clean.

So all in all, it's a good start after a crap year! More info as it happens.

Liz x

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

Very pleased they seem to be working, all sounds very positive! How do you fit so many steps in?! Even without asthma I'd struggle to fit that into a normal day - or is it the gym? Sounds like you really deserve a better period.

Crossed fingers they keep working even in winter and glad someone is enjoying the heat lol as it seems a shame not to when it's quite rare here!

I walk an awful lot with 2 dogs and on the particular day I was moving us back into the bedroom - so up and down stairs a ridiculous amount! Gym?? Not likely anymore. 🤣 x

LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to Lizzie1956

Ahh the dogs explains it! Thought the Xolair might have inspired you to join a gym...but have to admit I find it very boring even without the lung issue!

Not likely!! The money I’ve spent on gyms, trainers etc etc I could have had a cruise!!! 😂

Congratulations. Glad you’re feeling better. Guess at some point it will be useful to try and figure out whether the Xolair, Citalapran, High Dose Fostair - or all three in combo - is what’s helping you, as I imagine, you don’t want to end up taking one or more unnecessary drugs for years to come. Still, one step at a time I guess. Good luck.

Lizzie1956 in reply to Matman

Yes totally! I’ve been on that dose Fostair for a long time now, but the cialapran is short term as 3 hospital-admissions in short succession& v high doses of steroids tipped me over the edge. I guess it’s a case of wait & see. But my consultant is brilliant so I’m completely guided by him.


So glad to hear that life is better. I am seeing a consultant today as getting results for allergies. I know I still have a chest infection after nearly 3 months!!! So hopefully will get chest X-ray now!!!

Glad that the injection has helped you. Ann xx

Lizzie1956 in reply to Smudge12

It’s grim when infections/virus’s hang around. Stubborn little buggers 👎🏻

Glad to hear it’s helping! I’ve just started mine so have my fingers crossed it’ll help too 🤞

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