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Qvar Easi-breathe problems


I have recently been prescribed with a Qvar Easi-breathe inhaler. However, sometimes it does not deliver a dose and I have to take the top off to check it is still active. After I've done that it usually works. I am quite alarmed that such a thing doesn't always work properly. It could have really bad consequences for someone.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Same problem 12 years ago:-


in reply to PMRPete

Thanks for replying. I wonder why it hasn't been sorted out? I mean why still prescribe it when it's known to be faulty? Maybe the original people who had problems didn't report it?

So does anyone else have this problem now? (I know there was a problem 12 years ago).

I have had mild Asthma for about four years in the winter. I use in two puffs night and morning. With 200 promised puffs this should last about 50 days. Nearly every Qvar Easi-breathe inhaler I have had works well for about 2 weeks then fails to deliver. I can take the top off and use it that way but this only seems to last another few days.

I am really curious if this is a known issue.

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