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Not asthma but a rattly chest

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My little girl 2.5 years old is always a bit rattly in her chest, ever since she was a baby. It has been suggested to cut out dairy to see if that makes a difference to her. Do you think just cutting the main things (milk, cheese, yoghurt. Ice cream, butter) is enough or would I have to be reading th labels of everything to see if it contains any dairy? My friend’s little girl has a severe dairy allergy and I know how limiting true dairy elimination is but I don’t know how far I need to take it to try this for her.

Any advice?


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Having food allergies and intolerance I know that cutting out certain foods can make a difference. Personally that means not having anything with the particular product in it. Otherwise I react to it even small amount.

I would suggest that if you do cut out dairy food - presumably it was suggested by a medical practioner - you need to ensure that she doesn't eat any food containing dairy. This would also mean anything with lactose in it as that is usually from cow's milk. Unfortunatle lactose is in many products e.g. biscuits. Your Health Visitor should be able to advise you about it and suggest alternatives. The Doctor's Surgery can give you her phone number. Most supermarkets have a special food section these days and they will tell you which ones are dairy and lactose free.

From my experience if she is reacting to dairy then her symptoms will gradually improve over time.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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