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Feelings of inadequacy

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Can't get chores done, shopping is a nightmare, panicked and vulnerable feeling when outside, no social life to speak of anymore, depressed, also suffer from pain due to old motorbike accident so unsteady on feet!! So walking hurts and breathing aint easy it's just getting suckyer!! I'm having a whine but someone else must be in the same boat hay??

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Yo me siento igual. Ten animo. Mucha gente exitosa supero el asma. Conozco a algunos. No estamos solos.

I get incredibly frustrated after an attack that I can’t do all the things I usually do. I’ve struggled getting up and down the stairs the last few days, the food shopping needs doing, not being able to exercise is irritating me and I’d like a change of scene but we’re only human!

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Huge sympathy to all as I also hate this.feeling when not well - stuff needs doing but can't do it, stuck indoors, everything is an effort and you don't know when it will end. :( Not even being able to just go to the shop etc or do basic errands is bad enough then there's missing out on fun things and not seeing people.

Asthma nurse told me when struggling I should do something I enjoy - she did mean well and say watch TV etc but inside I was getting ugh as I thought well yes but what I wanted to do I can't because I'm not up to it!

Hope things improve for everyone soon.

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