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Any tips for commuting?

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I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks after an acute asthma flair up resulting in two trips to A&E, steroids, antibiotics and lots of other things.

I’m going back to work tomorrow and am feeling extremely anxious about getting back to my daily commute (1hour ish - cycle, train then tube).

I haven’t commuted long and my asthma over the last two weeks has left scared and anxious!

I was wondering if anyone has any tips?

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This may be a bit late but I would use your reliever before setting off and keep it handy en route. I always use mind before cycling whether I feel I need it or not.

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SBluesy in reply to Gareth57

Thanks Gareth! I’ll defo try that!

Clearly depends on your job but I would speak to HR, explain what’s happened and see if there is any way you can work from home for a few days. Failing that I would definitely wear a mask like the Japanese do. I dread my husband having to use the trains/tube he always brings something lovely home for my lungs to struggle with. Take probiotics to rebalance what the antibiotics do and take a good multivitamin. I should add I am probably the most stressy anxious person in the world post asthma flare up 😂😂

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SBluesy in reply to Sparkywoo

Hey Sparkywoo! I completely understand the anxiety, I am incredibly anxious today and that’s actually why I chose to get the initial commute over and done with as I didn’t want to build up more anxiety about it!

I probably could have worked from home if I’d asked but already feel like a failure for having 2 weeks off! (This is all me, work are super supportive)

The multivitamin and probiotic sounds like a good plan, will invest in these this evening! Just got on the train, wish me luck! 😂

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