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Alvesco with a spacer?


Is anyone using Alvesco and do you use it with a spacer? I've been on it for about a month now and it's working well but it does not fit n my spacer so I take it without. My only concern is thrush in my throats and mouth.

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"The spacer that fits the Alvesco inhaler is called AeroChamber PlusTM."

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Hi Pete thanks but the Alvesco inhaler does not fit that it leaves gaps as the inhaler is round.

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Mine is flexible rubber and fits most shape inhalers!

As below I use AeroChamber PlusTM with my Alvesco inhaler and have done for ages, I agree, the fit is not completely perfect, but ok if you fiddle around. It is what the manufacturer of Alvesco suggests.

I asked my consultant and he said better with than without. I always try to start breathing in before I press the inhaler.



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Thanks I've cobbled a rubber washer made out of apiece of old inner tube over the inhaler and its made a better seal against the spacer rubber. I do like Alvesco as it does seem to have less side affects than my old Seretide plus hopefully my gerd will improve with less systemic steroids and no LABA. I'm a convert to Alvesco but the test will be a flare up. Fingers crossed. Wish they did a nasal spray.

Rince your mouth after using it

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