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Difficulty sleeping,wheeze, and avoiding those paramedics!

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It was this time last year my asthma decided to become brittle. I spent over a month with attacks on and off,in and out of hospital and over 6 weeks on steroids.

I'm much fitter now and am running but am waking wheezy and breathless again. My tolerance to exercise is also starting to wain. I take my inhaler pre exercise every time.

I cant afford to miss out on runs as due to run half marathon later in year. I'm on flutiform and montelukast with salbutamol as needed. Also on prescribed antihistamine.

Awake now wheezy and tight. My peak flow has only just recovered from a week ago when i had steroids and sitting around 65%..

What else can i do? Help!

Filo x

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I’m so sorry that you’re going through a bad time with your asthma.

If you are still experiencing symptoms and your reliever isn’t helping much then you ought to seek medical help.

I dont have an answer I’m afraid only to say that this long spell of hot, dry weather is playing havoc with a lot of people’s breathing. I’m really hoping a heavy downpour clears the air and we all settle down again x

You could try breathing exercises - control breathing really seems to work for me - see Buteyko method- I also use a breathing exercise device I bought off Amazon for £8.

It is really tough at moment presumably because of the weather so my PF is lower than normal but always better after these exercises

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